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  1. Just moved from Oz to Hoi An. Not many caches here! Are there any keen geocachers here?
  2. Thought this may be the case.. Thanks for confirming.. I will have to sort internal beginnings and then venture them outside later on.. All good. Thanks for advice!
  3. Hi there, I am a school teacher (and keen geocacher) wanting to get the Geo/ Humanities dept at my school and the students into Geocaching. Great end of year activity! We wanted to place a few around the school grounds to get started.. or very close to school area. Because I believe in the fun and importance of the social sides to Geocaching, and would like to include the etiquettes etc associated with the hobby into the program. I wanted to publish to a website rather than giving the kids lists of waypoints to instill responsibility etc... I wonder how we can locate locally at school, but open to the school students only.. initially at least. Can I publish through this site so the students have to search, download etc.. but somehow 'lock' the caches for a start? Looking for options here.. has anyone done this before? Thanks, Debbie
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