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  1. Thanks for your help. I did meet GPSFun at the Geocoin event. He was so nice. I think I will email him. I was just wondering if there was something posted on the web about it. I came from Washington state. The WSGA has guidelines for the state parks on their website. This is the closest to that for SC I could find. SCGO Code of Etiquette
  2. Ok, so I've been in Charleston South Carolina now for about 3 months. It is finally time for me to place some caches out there. I want to know if there is a list a specific guidelines for South Carolina?? I have found info regarding the State parks and Charleston County parks. Is there any information you can tell me besides the info on GC.com???
  3. I saw somewhere on Geocaching where you can see your own QR code for your profile page. Do you know where it is?
  4. I thought it was just me. Glad to know everyone else is having problems. Wonder when it will fixed??
  5. Dick's suggestion is a great one. A little Kitsap Hometown Escape is a great way to see some really nice locations and grab good caches. I would also suggest you start working on a few puzzle caches and multi caches. It may be hard at first, but you will find that they are extremely enjoyable once you get the hang of it. I took my boys to the Centralia Meet n Greet yesterday to make some new friends and say hello to old ones. On the way, we stopped at the Mima Mounds in Grand Mound. There is an earth cache there and we got to see an amazing location and learn something new. Happy caching!!! Donna
  6. I am looking for someone on the Kitsap Peninsula who is interested in adopting a Boy Scout traditional geocache at Camp Parson's. The cache needs to be relocated to a different spot and most likely need to be chained with a padlock for security. The kids who visit will muggle it. It will have to be placed in the Camp's Community Grounds and not near the road or campsites. I have a very large ammo can for donation and will work with you to get it going. The scouts who come to this camp have an opportunity to earn a Geocaching patch and this will be a great benefit to keep going. The cache is Chief Seattle (Treasure of Scouting) Boy Scouts Please let me know ASAP. The reviewers have been asking for an update and I do not want to archive this one. Thanks!! Donna Quadmommy
  7. Pending a few more caches in Belfair. I hope the reviewers see them in time. The North Mason Travel Bug Chamber will be up and ready by this afternoon. Just have to replace the container. I'll be there at tonight's dinner. I'm a little under the weather, so I won't be staying log and germing up the place.
  8. Just so you know, Lake Flora Rd opened back up this afternoon. Here's the link from the Kitsap Sun: Lake Flora Road, Closed by Dec. 12 Storm, Reopens
  9. I am so sorry I missed this one. I absolutely LOVE the photos. Everyone looks so natural.
  10. I second that! Thank you for your service!!
  11. I finally decided that I am coming. I'll have the four boys with me. So I'll be the one stopping for gum and candy at 7-11 or Walgreens. Is anyone doing the two way radios?? What channel will you be on? I have two FRS Motorolas that I will be bringing.
  12. Try this one in the Shasta National Forest called Lost Lemurian Gold Mine - GCQQGB My boys and I loved how creative this cache was. Enjoy your trip!!
  13. Hey all ya'all, I'm going to do the Ape Cache this Saturday 6-12-10 with my boys, my sister Cheryl (Auntquad) and my friend Bethany (BethanyInWonderland). It is my 5 year anniversary of Geocaching and want to make it a big day. I am wondering if anyone else is planning on going to find the cache. Let me know and we can met up at the trailhead. We're thinking about going mid morning, since the parking lot may just fill up quickly due to the nice weather. Thanks!!
  14. Caches in Washington State Parks are supposed to have a State Parks sanction banner on the cache page, which it appears that these caches do not have, and I suspect that the cache owners don't know about the requirement to have cache permits filed with State Parks, since these caches appear to have been placed before the permit system was established. State Parks policy My Mintercreek cache was just a nice spot off the side of the road. Mostly used by the local fishermen during Salmon season. The cache itself was no where near the stream and the tree was on a established trail just feet from the parking area. The info board was put there by the city. It is not a State park cache, so no permission is needed. I have placed two caches in State parks and know the rules. It is much harder to place one with them than you think. I have one I am doing for the Boy Scouts that's been waiting since March for permission from Olympia. They review each one with the Land Manager for environmental impact. And, yes, the eco-cacher did NOT remove the cache as she said. She just made it worse by throwing the lid down on the ground and letting the cache container fill up with rain water. She's just mental.
  15. Nice to see the first one I read on his blog is one of mine. What a jerk. Now, someone had placed a letterbox in the same spot as my cache. I will go there today and replace it in a better spot. Please still come and enjoy the view. There may be trash, but not from the goecachers. It's the fishermen who come here during the salmon fishing time and make the mess. Gosh, I didn't think I'd get so mad. I'm a nice person and my caches aren't junk. Jerk!
  16. When I was really new to caching, I was out with my sister looking for a FTF. You were already there. Didn't know the etiquette and that we should have shared it with you. I'm really sorry about that. I guess you're fine with it or else you would never have given me your "phone-a-friend" number. Thanks
  17. Travis, can you post any updates & changes from the premeet dinner in this thread? We can't make it tonite, but will be there in the morning. I want to be sure to have everything in order. Thanks
  18. I'm new to Boy Scouts and volunteered to be a Wolf Den Leader for my Cubscout pack. I am however, a seasoned geocacher. I saw the email from Geocaching last week and have volunteered for the Chief Seattle Council here in the PNW. They are just waiting on the kit to get here. I am wondering if you have asked other geocachers in your area to help place caches in your area?? And is anyone planning on doing a CITO or other event? I think holding a "kick-off" event in the area would be a great idea to let other packs and troops in the area know all about it and "get in the game".
  19. I had one that went missing in Belfair at the old waterwheel. I'd like to try and replace it in the same spot. Would you suggest that I make it PM cache only?
  20. Just great, we're out of town and caching in Utah. Hope you have another get-together soon and we'll be there. Have fun and take lots of pix!!
  21. Holy crud, it's still there and waiting. Crawling in the mud isn't my idea of fun. Getting stuck in it doesn't sound so good either. I've got a pedalboat, but I'm worried we'll get out there but not back in. The King5 newschopper will rescue me and you'll see teasers for the 11pm news.
  22. Well, I do have a pedal boat, but don't think I want to get out there and not be able to get back. I probably can get a kayak or even a canoe from a friend. Just wish it was easier than crawling thru the mudflats to get to it.
  23. Darn it, we'll be at Champoeg that weekend. I'm still interested if anyone wants to go in August, anytime after the first weekend in the month. Heck, I'm always busy doing laundry and the dishes, but I can take a day off and drop off the quads with friends to go do this cache. Same goes for the Festering Head cache. Thanks Pyewacket. I needed a girlie bike with a house full of boys. All I need now is a white basket with flowers for the front. Got a ding dong bell already.
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