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  1. G, wasn't it Clifford of Clifford & Donovan? (well, I hope so, as that's what I called him!)
  2. I'm aware of the cache density rules in respect of not placing a nother cache within 0,1 miles of another. BUT, may one use an area close(r than 0,1 miles) to one of the stages in a multi-stage cache?
  3. The South African-sourced GPSrs that feature mapping will be sold with South African basemaps. Likewise, if you buy an American unit it will have US basemaps etc. You can circumvent this by either buying the local (say Garmin) basemaps locally, or by simply installing the Tracks4Africa maps. Be very aware that any Garmin unit that you bring into SA yourself will not be covered by Gamin SA (Avnic Trading). Not sure about how the local Magellan agents will treat you.
  4. Only geacachers will: * Walk past a pile of rocks next to a footpath, and check to see if there's not perhaps an unpublished cache hidden inside. * Plan a holiday in conjuction with geocaching.com. * Make product purchase decisions based on the packaging alone. * Keep a GPSr (and some SWAG) in the work bag. * Keep sensible shoes in the boot. * Take a second glance at urban hide prospects. * Buy Ziplocks EVERY week. But then our very own conspiracy theory is that the Ziplock Strategic Planning Department started geocaching. B&F
  5. Very impressive F... (sounds like characters in a Bond movie!) Many thanks. B&F
  6. Goofster, the battery consumption figures for the 60 series is MUUUCH better than the Etrex (and Helga's Sportrak).
  7. Hey snowfoxrox, here's the link to the local (US) forums: Regional Forums
  8. Once you have a GPSr it'll be much easier - the coordinates should take you within a few feet of the cache placement. What kind of maps do you use - are they large scale and accurate enough? Decode the hint that many of the geocache pages have and filter through some of the log entries. Once you find a clue - someone may mention a tree or a large boulder - then concentrate on those areas. Once you have found a couple you will know what to start looking for. Perhaps try posting a request for cachers from Fresno in the local (state) forum. This will undoubtedly be the best way to get you going nicely. Oh, and welcome to the forum! Cheers, B&F
  9. The two main brands in SA are Garmin and Magellan. Garmin has wider distribution for most users, whereas Magellans are generally only really available from smaller specialist stores. Very few shops stock both brands. Last I heard there were 10 Garmin users for every Magellan user in SA.
  10. Howdy Tex 'n Capie. Hope to see you at a Cape cache soon! B&F
  11. GPSFrodo is right. The exchange control laws have changed, no allowing South Africans to make payments over PayPal (but still not receive anything).
  12. bear&fox


    Thanks G&S! You lot will be there in a week or two. The question remains: who will be the first to PLACE 100 caches?
  13. bear&fox


    Thank you kindly all.
  14. Hi Angie, Very simple: open your listing and select Edit Attributes from the buttons along the top right of the page. When the cache listing belongs to your profile you get a host of extra buttons there. Cheers, B&F
  15. I agree with GS&Dogs - placing a cache container ON airport property is probably not too wise, as security will find it sooner or later. It's also a PITA for non-flying geocachers to make it to the airport just to drop off a TB. I think vespaxvespa is on the right track - place one near a hub in the city. We will keep our eyes open for an appropriate spot.
  16. Goofster, it's almost Christmas. Hopefully you've been a good boy this year (if not, plant some new caches to improve your rating!)
  17. What would you require in Cape Town for a TB hotel - a container on the airport grounds?
  18. I have always been of the opinion that the Big (US) Hitters consist of several people across several states. I mean, they log something like 7 caches EVERY single day. Phew!
  19. I can see the image, and I use Firefox.
  20. Careful now Azuruk, we get all defensive when up-country folks say bad things about our cachers (well, at least as long as they place awesome caches)! But we'll still call him Helga.
  21. Discombob, it seems to take a little while to load. Otherwise try to cut and paste the string below into a blank page/tab. http://photos3.blogger.com/blogger/4606/983/1024/CTgeo.jpg
  22. bear&fox


    It's also great to see Goofster back at it.
  23. Show off! Nice stuff vespaxvespa. Now show another screenshot will ALL the caches so we can make the up-country folks go green at the gills
  24. Well, I have to say that I think Discombob has this game waxed: Mines of Moria is awesome. It's such a pity that the camera crews won't venture to these two fantastic caches. And for you up-country folks - make a note of these two Cape caches next time you head for Slaapstad.
  25. So, Helga, did they at least give you a placid drive up the mountain in the Maserati? After Frodo's and now a world-famous celebrity cache we are starting to expect all kinds of amazing feats from you! B&F
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