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  1. Well... erm... it's not as quaint as it used to be! But you can also try this for a start...
  2. It's a great way to meet other geocachers, do the area some good and enjoy a BBQ. Rub shoulders with other strange folks and possibly even trade some Travel Bugs or geocoins.
  3. Speaking of space... track your favourite GPS satellite live here
  4. Some good points raised here. And it's good to see most people feel the same way about 'finding' scraps of paper where they think the cache was. There are some other bizarre practices doing the rounds too. To boost numbers? Strange! But the great thing about caching down at this end of the planet is that most folks know who follow those unwritten (but well-known) rules, and who don't! Ha! B
  5. Okay, after much deliberation, the specs for the CITO t-shirts have been decided upon. The t-shirt will be white, with a large three-colour print on the back and a blue print on the front. The price should be around R50. If you haven't yet ordered, do so soon (before Sunday the 9th) as the printers will roll before you can say travelbuginamountaintopcache. You are welcome to order more than one t-shirt if you like (I know I will!) Here's a picture to whet your appetite:
  6. The sizes range from S to XXXL.
  7. This just in! Hot off the press! T-shirt sizes can be compared with Mr Price t-shirts. With the emphasis on sizes. The quality on the other hand has passed inspection by our very own Italian textile inspectorate. I have been assured that Giorgio Armani himself will wear these with pride!
  8. Let's see if this works from here... I will try to post some sizing info later today. B
  9. Not sure - haven't check my home mail yet!
  10. Keep 'em rolling. Some good input thus far.
  11. ... or you can tell them in which direction to seek X...
  12. Let's throw this one wide open: Assume for a minute you were to attend a CITO (cache in, trash out) event cache in the Cape. You have the chance to get, for a few bob, a neat CITO/geocaching t-shirt out of the deal. Certain restrictions will apply (number of colours etc). Ha! Democracy at work! What would YOU want to see on this t-shirt? Post answers here, or e-mail me if you want to remain incognito (via my profile page). B
  13. bear&fox


    What is this durban you speak of?
  14. Yep, sounds good to us!
  15. Agree with Bob! Give a dog a chance! I went there when I was a young lad. It was quite a spectacular place. Excellent site for a cache, so we will be watching the cache listing on Monday morning... Interesting tale from a friend: a friend of his decided to stroll through the zoo in the middle of night (obviously back in the days when it was still open and active). This person was dared to go into the lion's enclosure. Thinking the lions would be locked into their cages at the back of the enclosure, he climbed over the wall and dropped into their area, crossed the moat and strolled about the lawn. No doubt feeling terribly manly. Just then a lion spotted him, very much outside its cage and gave chased. He cleared the moat and scrambled up the wall with the lion in hot persuit. Made the safe side of the wall with the lion only just managing to get one lone claw in his calf muscle, which, more or less, came off his leg! His friends ruched him to hospital where he was asked what caused the injury. "It was a lion". The nurse just rolled her eyes. B&F
  16. Oooh... so many options! How much do you want to spend? Do you want minimal functions (tells you where you are, tells you which way a geocache is)? Or the whole nine yards (many waypoints, many routes, mapping, expandable memory etc)? If you are new to the whole GPS/navigation thing and reluctant to blow a whole lotta money on some gizmo then I'd suggest a basic to mid-range unit. Something under, say, R2000. Cape Union Mart (believe it or not!) actually has pretty good prices, but they only stock Garmin. Which brings us to the next devide: almost everyone here will tell you to go with Garmin (instead of Magellan). And they're right! Arguably better product support, more extras for your money, excellent functionality, better battery life. bear&fox
  17. bear&fox


    Yep - hearty congrats to Maa! and Baabaa! B&F
  18. bear&fox


    We have been to preciously few caches we didn't like (and they shall remain nameless!). All kinds of caches are nice for all sorts of reasons. It's a very different sense of satisfaction to discover, say, Frodo's to discovering something difficult to find like those tiny little micros! And we throroughly enjoy hunting, erm, shal we say GPS-challenged caches - those under trees, or next to cliffs (or uner the trees next to a cliff!). At the time of hunting the language may be a tad enthusiastic, but in retrospect they are almost always good fun. Vespa, the southern suburbs are ripe for a million more caches - so hide away at will. And of course any event cache with TV&M's ice cream and chocolate sauce gets a big thumbs up from any cacher! Bear
  19. Hi Gribbin, We're right in Cape Town and would gladly assist. You can't go wrong with Tricky Vicky and Mickey though - they are, apparently, professional geocachers! They are quite likely to take your TB and geocoin to places most South Africans heaven't even heard of! Send us a PM if we can be of assistance. Regards, Bear and Fox
  20. Not a fan of baboons. Have been chased before, and am quite aware that I stand absolutely no chance against those yellow fangs. But hey! At least they don't carry guns or knives!
  21. Erm, good point Goofster! ... amke that walked in the soles of Frodo. Very pleased to see that both caches more or less survived the onslaught.
  22. I agree with Rat... Telkom? Spending money on infrastructure and improved service delivery? Hmmm. No. Nice story though! $10 000 buys a lotta swag.
  23. Chat to Larks - he seems to wander about the mountains all the time! From our point of view, we'd trade limbs to see new Raymond E caches! The clue sheet alone is a gratifying experience into a world of Raymond E-isms! B&F
  24. It is totally beyond me why more people have not walked in the shoes of Frodo. It really is worth it.
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