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  1. Agree with Bob, at the very least we can buy you a latté!
  2. I think it's just a dodgy GPSr. Our little yellow units never give a hint of trouble at all. Since we are feeling generous we will swop one of our units fo your 60CSX. Call us now and we'll even throw in some brand new Energizers. Seriously though, doesn't it only happen when auto-routing?
  3. bear&fox


    :D Well done GR and family. And hope Vic has a great day that inspires many more of those devious caches! Big nods as well to GS%Dogs and Colinaly - good going you lot.
  4. Have you tried searching for it in an arms cache?
  5. Sounds like a great idea. Will do just that.
  6. We somehow knew what geocaching was right from the start. Being GPSr-less muggles I had thought of using topographical maps and a compass to find a few, but somehow never really did that either. Then I remembered seeing a picture of a geocache being retrieved near the Wind Farm one day while we took a drive out there. We found the cache, signed the log and I bought my first GPSr the very next day! Fox thought I was mad but she soon got her own GPSr and the rest is, well, good memories!
  7. Bats henceforth to be known as Batsgonemad-and-his-Squirrel-plus-Torch-plus-Camp Light-plus-GPS-plus-(probably) Swiss Army Knife.
  8. Great idea, thanks Vespax and Larks.
  9. Hey, Emzett - welcome to the thread!
  10. Vell, bazed on zee lehtezt kloo I vill zeh zat perhapz vee kan all expekt zee new und improved geokasshing zite ja? It vill be zsheer caching pleasure ja? Bern und Fuchs
  11. bear&fox


    Nice going Mike! B&F
  12. Brick - I absolutely agree with you that even in the single year that I've been caching a lot of the innocence has been lost. And by that I mean that many cache placements are ruthless and dozens of finds are strung together just for the numbers where folks don't pay any attention to area outside the cache container. But that will unfortunately only increase I suspect. What to do? I think Globalrat raises two very strong points in his post above: annoy the nature conservation folks and we will loose many Cape caches; and then longer multis or puzzle caches would encourage more thoughtful cache hunting. We plan to place a cache where no log is allowed to mention whether you were first to find, how easy the cache was to find or how may you hunted that day!
  13. Quick question: how does a not-just-members-cache take the fun away from caching? There are enough premium members that will rack up a members-only cache just for the number - regardless of whether they are FTF or not.
  14. I know that the top 30% of Matroosberg had some snow...
  15. bear&fox


    WOW! Great going. Well done cownchicken!
  16. Yep. Galileo is looming. All sorts of rumours abound, but they reckon it'll be good (well, accurate). I have even seen advertisements for it! And it's not even available to us mortals yet. The EU will apparently push for legislation that forces car manufacturers to include Galileo as standard equipment. So you get a free GPS (in all likelyhood with auto-routing) with your next car purchase (assuming you live up there). The other side of the coin is that governments want to scrap (meaning reduce, not get rid of) fuel tax. Instead you will be billed for every single kilometer you drive - and some roads cost more than others, and rates vary according to traffic density (and thus time of the day). Just a handy little way for the authorities to keep their pockets lined when we have more electric or hybrid vahicles around... oh, and you can forget about ever speeding again, this will detect it automatically. Fun times!
  17. Ah yes... the African Dream! What gets my goat up as well is that, I hear, when you help them by mapping our some track data they give you a little Thank You letter. Hey! Gas is expensi... correction, Gas Tax is expensive in this part of the world! I want Garmin vouchers! B *Oh, and buy your new-fandangled Garmin now, because it's going to be a whole lot of fun all over again when Galileo os released...
  18. ... must be all those midnight caches we've done...
  19. I'd be curious to see how many Magellan (or other) geocachers are out there. I know we have two in the Cape (Dbob and Stef) - anyone else?
  20. I stand by my theory: Geocaching is a pastime invented by the marketing boys and girls at Ziploc. And Energizer is a Ziploc subsidiary.
  21. So it's GFC's fault! Just kidding. Great site, great service and great appreciation for its existence. I have found it quite funny to read logs where cachers claim to have been there. The only people who care are those fellow cachers who know them, and they know enough to know the claims are not true. It makes for a nice hollow victory. It also seems that some of the armchair caches are armchair caches because it is possible to Google the answers, whereas only some specifically state that you can log a virtual find. Nice challenge for GFC - build a lie detector into the ranking system! What about urine samples?
  22. If I am thinking of the correct cache that anlufu is referring to then I am not surprised - there are dozens of hiding spots! Great to see muggles that are keen to co-oporate in this way. What better way to keep a cache safe and sound.
  23. Of course it didn't help that dozens of cachers found the kitty cache on one single day. How To Attract Attention 101. I think Musical Scales is an excellent example of brilliant cache placement - most folks would have placed a micro, but this is a clever place to hide a very large container! Yep - micros are great fun, but a goodies container, even a tiny one, is always a nice thing to find!
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