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  1. Trust me on this: the pictures do it no justice! McNaught is awesome. Sadly it will only be visible until around Tuesday (23 January).
  2. bear&fox


    Woohoo! The Husks are on the brink of the mighty 1000! Fantastic run, well done boys and girls! You'll need refreshments after this - wonder if we shouldn't meet up at the deli in Sea Point again? Awesome. B&F
  3. Thanks Whostops! So the list thus far is: Bats... Mosselbay, South Africa B&F... Imus, Philippines Whostops... San Mateo, Venezuea TV&M... Ciledug, Indonesia TV&M: it takes great trickery! Copy the URL from your browser, then click the little earth-plus-chain icon (to left of envelope icon) when you (full) reply to a thread - it will prompt you for the address, and then whatever name you want to have appear. Voila, it's that easy.
  4. ... okay, was wondering why no activation code. That's fine, we'll jump through the loops and get the little fella out on the field.
  5. Yep - we received ours just yesterday. Have yet to ectivate and name it though, but it will be heading for a cache soon enough. B&F * I am off to drink some bitter black coffee now.
  6. He, he, he. That's nasty! (And far more effective via e-mail!) * Huskies: just pulling your paws. Have a great time in good old FLA.
  7. I just hear a little barking far, far off in the distance... BUT I know of a secret weapon that is sure to put a damper in their gallop! Send the Alpha Female some pictures of Husky puppies! ;-P
  8. ... just look at those little GPS-clutching fingers!
  9. Congratulations to Aaron, Taryn and Junior!
  10. Agree with Vespax... we can certainly do with some more hands on deck.
  11. Hmmm... placed by the gang from up north... if anything it confirms my theory! But thanks anyway, just about anything is a huge relief nowadays. * Don't just sit here and stare at the screen! Go plant a cache! Go! B&F
  12. My point is simple: where on earth are the cache hiders in the Western Cape? The lads in the North (and even East) must be enjoying the start of the seven prosperous years! We desperately need aid down here. We are - apparently - running out of geocachers placing caches. Or maybe they are in hibernation. (And thanks GS&Dogs and DeeBob for attempting to stem the tide!) * Oh, and we've placed a nice little toughie for you to go find. Nice little stroll along the beach.
  13. There is something strange going on in the Cape. I see them. Or at least I see what looks and sometimes even sounds like geocachers. But something is amiss. The real geocachers have disappeared into thin air. I have no clues to offer, but I think it may have something to do with UFOs spotted over the Karoo a few months ago. Maybe it's the wind. I have no leads. But to the folks in the rest of the country beware: the Cape geocaching community is systematically being replaced by robotic drones. They look and sound real, but... they have not been programmed to place any new caches. That's my theory, and I am sticking to it. Have any intelligence or contacts with the underworld? Please help to solve the mystery! * Some say they are being ported to Australia.
  14. Nice going Erik! Always wondered what those folks were on about when they moan about reviewers taking forever to review new cache plaqvements - not Erik, fast and friendly service thank you very much sir! And of course this is Land Rover country, '88s and all.
  15. It was a great pleasure. It was fantastic to see you again. Looking forward to seeing the new Vespax Clan in the hills. B&F
  16. ... lucky darned Ozzies. We'll miss those clever hides we tend to hunt down at midnight. In the rain. We should be around, and more than happy to join the geocaching nuts. I for one am keen to see how JG will cleverly hide an entire event cache... ;-)
  17. Yep, thanks for meeting with us - always good to put a face to a name!
  18. Frodo's Journey... Paths of the Dead... ... and the John-Gill caches are all good fun.
  19. Event/no event... makes no difference to us. See you there either way.
  20. Ha! So it's going to be a Designer Event! Boston Bagel sounds good to us.
  21. This is madness. Hopefully sanity will prevail. We're in your support camp for this one. bear&fox South Africa
  22. The basic plan for the Green Point Stadium is such: 1) it will gobble up several acres of green land and plaster it with tar and concrete 2) it will cost far more than predicted 3) it will not be completed in time Sorry, couldn't resist!
  23. Sunday sounds good to us too. If you need to grab a lift to the city we are happy to oblige.
  24. We had a similar experience driving our 4X4 up Papegaaiberg in Stellenbosch. Parked at the top, admired the 360° views and found the cache. It was just getting dark when we hopped back inside and turned the key... nothing. Sunday evening, up on a mountain, rain approaching, two dogs. Hmmm. Eventually pushed the 2 tons far enough to have it roll down the hill, hopped in and roll started. It's not even funny in retrospect! Hey! Perhaps we should leave some tools in caches! ;-)
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