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  1. I have to agree with Discombob and Azuruk: it's about the hunt, and not so much the stash. But hey. it's always nice to find something unusual.
  2. Windfarm GCBB26 in the Western Cape. It's a magic spot when the breeze is up. This was my first cache - I found it purely by chance because I remembered reading somewhere that a geocache existed there. That evening I registered with geocaching.com. Forty-eight hours later I had bought myself a GPS receiver. Cheers, Bernard
  3. That makes perfectly good sense, thank you kindly. Bernard
  4. Gee, that's nice of you Globalrat. I added my name at a very late stage, and will understand if there are none available. Bernard
  5. Good day geocachers, I'm fairly new to this business, but so far I have a query regarding the co-ordinate formats in use. Back in the day when I first learnt to navigate, we used a .XX second system (i.e. 33°50.45S), whereas nowadays I see that part contains three digits. How does this relate to the older system? Thanks, Bernard
  6. Have you tried tracks4africa.co.za?
  7. Very nice, please add me to that list too for ONE (bear&fox). Thanks, Bernard
  8. Thanks Globalrat, we intend placing something simple, in a simple position. We will model it on the first cache we came across. Future plans are far elaborate though! We will placing some sneaky ones on our travels around the Western Cape. We tend to travel roads that are, shall we say not tarred. I am pleased to see that the SA geocachers seem so jacked up - love the local site with all the goodies you can buy. Very impressed with that. I'll be keeping my eyes open for cachers this weekend. Bernard
  9. Thanks all. Yes, I am in Cape Town. Or around 33°55.629S, 018°24.786E at the moment. Elevation 28 meters. Will be heading off to seek at least two caches tomorrow, and possibly plant my first. Keep well, Bernard
  10. Good day fellow South African geocachers. My girlfriend and I stumbled on to my first geocache purely by chance on Sunday. We bought ourselves a GPS unit just two hours ago. You could say we are hooked. Looking forward to many discoveries, as well as placing many interesting new caches ourselves. Cheers, Bernard and Angela
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