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  1. Just found out about this now:


    The Animal Anti-Cruelty League is hosting a fundraiser for their new mobile clinic. The event will be a GPS-assisted treasure hunt in the Franschhoek surrounds. Prizes to be won (four - yes FOUR - Garmins, amongst other goodies!) and lots going on. All sorts of goodies provided to munch on and even a big-screen TV for the rugby. The event will take place at 1000 on Saturday 6 October at La Couronne in Franschhoek (sorry, I dont have co-ordinates!) Teams of four can enter (come one HUSKIES! Go TVM and CNC!)


    This is a great initiative (aaarrgghhh! and Fox and I will miss it), so please do support it.


    E-mail/SMS me if you want more info, as I can forward you an entry form with more information.



  2. Very cool. Thanks to everyone pushing for this. This is a great feature.


    Erm... can't help but notice that Fish Eagle posted this at 0245 this morning! Now that's dedication for you!

  3. Just create a free account with one of the many image-hosting sites (photobucket, imageshack etc), upload your screenshot to there and link to it from the forum. Piece 'o cake, and very handy for the rest of us!


    I have an account somewhere - if you want send the screenshot to me and I will gladly link to it for you. Send me a PM if you want me to help.

  4. And for those who are about to say "ooh, why don't you get a gmail account", yes, I do have one, but I think the user friendliness of it sucks :o


    gmail is very friendly if you hook it up to deliver directly to your e-mail app (Outlook, Firebird etc)...

    Looking forward to the newsletter! Would volunteer writing services, but not sure if I have the time to read half the logs in the Western Cape... even if we only have a new cache every blue moon :laughing:

  5. We can always head for the old haunt: New York Bagels. Just called them: they open at 0700. Not much room if the bearer of the keys is running late... :rolleyes:

  6. ... get HSDPA: almost as cheap (pff) as Schmellkom and works almost anywhere (including Table Bay, excluding my house).


    Also, Schmellkom has a deal at the moment where they give you a free wireless router (and with no contract).


    But to get to get to the point: there is a newsletter? Really? Where do you get these things?

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