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  1. um bossman... how out of date is that list? this morning I had 89 and this afternoon i'm up to 92
  2. PP placed a ISQ in Brown also? is it live yet?
  3. I'd like to have one. My Brother was over there for Desert Storm, but i'm strictly civilian myself. so if there's room on the list, sign me up please
  4. aww come on you can place all those in one day! No not me... I can't come up with that many caches in a day.... but i'm sure that by the time i'm through all those containers i'll be a lot more experienced and have some pretty devious hides!!! BTW I think i'll try to hide them early for next year's picnic... just gotta find some good spots first....
  5. just placed an order for 2 coins and yes my norton didn't seem to like it either
  6. When i was about 8 My mom and dad got me two Puppies(they are the same as me... a red blooded american Mutts)one was black, the other Blond, both Brothers. I named them Bert and Ernie. sadly Ernie passed away after about 10 years and Bert lived a few years longer after that but we had to have him put to sleep. :-( They were outdoor only dogs, but whenever it would storm they would scratch at the doors and windows and if dad wasn't around, we'd let them in the house for a few hours until the storm passed. I'll get the photos of them as puppies from my mother and post them on here. They were so cute and fuzzy. I haven't had a dog since then, but recently i'm been thinnking about maybe getting a little Jack Russell.
  7. as soon as i can get money in my paypal account i want to order 4
  8. 84 Miles? that's just under an hour for -{LoS }-Xile! And that's if it's UPHILL!! actually i think it took me about 7 hours round trip At least I made it home just in time for House M.D.
  9. I was going to say something witty about there being no way I'd miss the 2006 fall picnic, but realized that it's was a bit insensitive to losses that the caching community in Indiana has felt over the last year so I'll just say that as a Yocal, I Ain't gonna miss this one :-) So you can add -{LoS}-Xile and Headstone Hunter(my mom's new geocaching name) to the attendies list
  10. Well considering that my door prize at the Picnic was a geocache placing dream(a camo painted ammo can 3 medium caches and a whole gaggle of camo'ed micro containers, I'm gonna be placing for quite a while....
  11. What if we're no good at puzzle caches? LoL
  12. Does this mean we have to wait a whole year to place a bunch of caches in Brown county? because i already have about half a dozen places in BC that i'm thinking of placing caches...
  13. 84 Miles? that's just under an hour for -{LoS }-Xile! And that's if it's UPHILL!! um actually i live in greewood so it'd be like 3 1/2 hours away for me, But i can make a trip up to my branch in Portland and then slide across the state line illegally(well it's a Company van and i'm not supposed to leave the state with it but Shhhhh don't tell my boss) unless someone else would rather take it and run with it :-) I don't get the uphill comment though I will admit i do speed from time to time... you know like 70 mph down a gravel road searching for ISQ hides I better warn you though, I don't have a digital camera, so it takes a dreadfully long time for me to get prints made...
  14. besides i needed the extra speed to help me get it up the hill :-)
  15. slow down? whoops i thought it said to speed up...
  16. Well i followed Patricks guidline for placing my first ISQ, I must add, it's very hard to throw a film canister up that steep of a hill When your friend is driving down a country road at 80 MPH
  17. Look for me as you head south from I-69 to I-465. I will be the guy with my thumb out and the "will work for gas" sign... Actually i think i passed you up near Gas City standing by the I 69 southbound ramp with your thumb up. Didn't see a sign though lol
  18. i filled up in Noblesville today, i passed a Speedway that was 3.19 and at the next light was a BP that was 2.69 but it doesn't matter that much to me currently, i drive my company car and they pay the gas, i only have to pay taxes at the end of the year for all the personal mileage I aquire
  19. Hey Lead dog is there a admission fee to go see the wall that heals?
  20. i gotta say i'm excited about doing ISQ#300 it looks like something that will be very moving. My father was in vietman and i think it'd be a great way to honor his memory...
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