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  1. I'd like to send out a welcome to 501 Gang and Awsome Ev for joining the motley group of ISQ hiders! Indiana Spirit Quest #398: Railroaded by 501_Gang and Indiana Spirit Quest # 397 Rev. Dominic Duehmig by Awsome Ev
  2. Hmmm It's probably be too cliche to just say "Slap A maple leaf on it and It'll be good to go." How about a picture of Terrence and phillip? or maybe a blame canada logo? :-)
  3. one thing though, you might want to use your bug's reference number adn not it's tracking number when you move it... TBK9QW instead of the numbers from the tag. With the numbers anyone can grab it even if they don't hold the bug
  4. you can post a note saying that you dropped it off and place the TB using the box underneath the text box. The same way you would log it as a find and drop in a TB
  5. Well he does have a previous ISQ placement, But indeed it does lack the formatting and information that most ISQs contain.
  6. I'd also like to order two of each, but I can't make any sense out of the website. I'll try to keep an eye out for these as best I can :-)
  7. drat. I had an idea that one of those was hiding out at your hides :-) didn't know which though
  8. I just must be special....
  9. I recieved my coins today, They look great!
  10. all i got were my two New Mexico coins :-)
  11. that's okay I'm thinking about asking IMM if i can log ShelterII as a find since they did lol... well no I really can't do that I don't want to claim a find when I really haven't found it...
  12. no, they found the herring and signed it... Too easy... LOL and I know they signed the RH because i went out there for another DNF
  13. I'd like to order two please It is possible to pay with check or money order? I only have 8 cents in my paypal currently and don't want to miss out on this because of lack of funding in my PP Account
  14. Well the Uzumaki(spiral) is a symbol of power... Does that Add some signifigance to the design? of course too much Uzumaki and your town will go crazy....
  15. We also don't like Caches being Exploded when the FBI thinks they are suspicious
  16. I'm Glad she'd doing better I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery
  17. I'm Just Sad that it was too late to go and get Grodey, we had to skip it find the last three I needed to make the #400 mark And I didn't think If i stopped at 399 I could talk Headstone Hunter into trying Total insanity for my 400th But I left two bedford ISQs and 4 Rupert2 and a BBF ISQs to help lure me down there(we didn't have time to go to bedford, and everytime we tried to g oto one of the others, we found road closed signs...)
  18. It was #322 Prairiepartner's Geogia ISQ cache in Lawrence county.
  19. Uh oh I'm thinking I may just have a repeat of my whole Nebo Ridge episode in my not so distand future But at least there's a possibility of finding one is a cache since I doubt I'll be having a geocoin of my own made until late 2006(if i'm lucky)
  20. What about a Gully Dwarf?
  21. oompa loompas are knee high i think so i don't know if that means the cache is knee high, or six feet high or so... the clue just confuses me even more plus if it is 6 ft high, is that 6 ft from the ground or the table?
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