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  1. the way i understadn it doug is that it only takes about 2-3 hours to do all 99 because of the similarity in cache hides. I think most groups that do runs on it have stickers made up so they don't have to take the time to grab a pen and sign each log.
  2. Hey we were asking about the not so local celebrity... I was hoping that You'd have been coming along Patrick
  3. -{LoS}-Xile


    ya you got my attention too Muirwoody, it sounds pretty interesting(espically with the art project involved as well)
  4. well that's how i was trying to find it... I had been looking through the cache finds of the few cachers that i know of that have been in the game since 2000 and 2001 and searching through the logs of the other old caches in the state... The only name i recognize that had found Indiana's first is KidCrazy.
  5. I'd be interested in two of these also please.
  6. Thanks Kelly, I've been trying to find that cache since i first heard about it. never could find it... but i guess that's because i was looking in the southern half of the state for it...
  7. i do... I still need 9 more caches by Saturday, but i'm planning on placing a few caches tomorrow and will probably hit a few caches on the way home
  8. yeah i haven't even left the house since friday... :-(
  9. Oh my... Zorry had better watch out... Indiana Spirit Quest #339: Lost and Founders January 2 by Torry (351 found) Woo-woo! My third ISQ! Zorry will be SO jealous. Neat cemetery and fun to roam. Having lived around here for years it's a treat to see the names of families I've known for decades. Also really great to find a full-sized cache. Adds a lot to the game. Left some piggies.
  10. i found none today, nor planted any either, and i still need 9 more caches so that the APE can be my #800
  11. Actually, anyone can do just about anything one's capable of doing. Actions have consequences, however, as any dog who has pee'd in the wrong spot knows. You MAY have to answer to authorities here in INDIANA or in the afterlife... Lead dog told me he is sending JEff an email, though. Don't you just love this doggy GEOCACHING philosophy? To all Good Dogs: Happy New Years!! Kiss Kiss to Mystery Dog. Happy Trails! PS where did Xile get that image of my evil alter Ego, Grumpy Growly? I'm not saying anything until i've had a chance to speak to my laywer
  12. sounds like fun! Will we be doing this at night or during the day?
  13. You mean the one just east of Madison beside that old church? Probably a good one, I've never been there, though. Same with the one you mention on Emerson. Farthest north of Southport and Emerson I've been is the Nextel place in that little strip center. Another good one might be the one in Greenwood, west of 31 on Main St. I talked to my wife about the ISQ caches last night, and she's super interested. I think we're going out Monday and will probably try and hit a couple more. We're both history buffs, so ISQ is right up our alley. there on southport east of madison is Mary Bryan - Pioneer Woman and on main jsut west of US 31 is Spooky Grounds , But there's enough room in that cemetery for another cache in the northern section
  14. I live on the south side of Indy. The only ones around that I know of are because of ISQ. Believe me, I'm not trying to downplay ISQ or say that other places are better than what's already there. Far from it. What I'm saying is that there are a ton of historical areas, including Terre Haute, Vincennes, and Lafayette, that I'm surprised no one has jumped on. I don't know, maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here. What about that nice cemetery right there in Southport? ... And the little one on the east side of Emerson Ave. just north of Southport Rd.? ... the one with all the developers drooling over the land. well the one on the east side of Emerson just north of southport already has one Torry... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...11-71360de5271e Indiana Spirit Quest #372: Rush Hour
  15. Congratualtions on your first finds. There is a second (regular sized ammo box) cache in the same cemetery as ISQ #211 that is pretty good. To tell the truth it is really easy to find since it has a computer keyboard sitting on top of it (no joke). looking forward to more of your find logs... Rupert, last I'd heard ghoulish goods at round hill was missing... of course i haven't looked at the page recently so it may have been replaced by now...
  16. I have correct the map and updated links and modified the posts. I see how I missed it now (need to make better use of the bookmarks). 46 Counties and growing! I'll try to place a few up in Howard, Benton, and Newton counties
  17. They are supposed to be. Because I dangle the file out on photobucket, the file is automatically reduced in size and resolution. Much of the detail is lost. It is the best I can do right now. You may see an ultra-sharp paper version of this some day... either way, I still think it looks great!
  18. close... I see my dots, shydog's and BBG's look to be the color blue...
  19. Oh my! Does patrick always go around wearing no pants??? I'm suprised he hasn't been arrested by the police by now...
  20. That's great! congratulations! 100 is a great accomplishment Here's looking to your next 900!
  21. one word of advice... If you're going to look for a cache behind a bank, make sure it wasn't robbed the day before you plan to go...
  22. yeah, but it doesn't sound nearly as entertaining if he just brushed up against it in the dark... I thought Doobies said green snake, but maybe it was a black one - I'll trust ya on that. Now, with the bank robbery and all, LosXile *was* inviting gerbilMAFIA to join them, so maybe there's more to the story than we've heard... hmmm..... You forgot to Add Doobies's Bat story... and the little girl dance from the Black Rat Snake... as for my brush in with the law, All i have to saw is that IT WAS NOT ME!, IT WAS THE ONE ARMED BANDIT!
  23. your stats are off again... I have 187 ISQ Finds...
  24. -{LoS}-Xile


    was someone hiding in a tree taking pictures? Congratulations JAPTKD and Beffums!!!
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