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  1. I'm a bird lover! I'd like to be on that list! drexotic
  2. Sent email for 2 Thanks, Jeff / drexotic
  3. Welcome Gene! Careful or you'll catch the bug! You'll be reading Forums at all hours and thinking about caches and puzzles in the middle of the day! Jeff / drexotic
  4. Only 5 of us online . . . Want to introduce yourself?
  5. We were all nubes once! Welcome aboard!
  6. Stopped by Max's and picked up 2 #27 and 2 misprints. Didn't count but seemed to be quite a stack left. Nice job on both! Jeff / drexotic
  7. I have had 3 empty envelopes arrive at my mailbox where this exact thing (appears to have) happened. I'm still working to get reimbursed with the USPS (all three were insured. I;d suggest taping the coins inside the mailers so they cannot move or using the heavy paper mailers.
  8. I don't think that you need to have someone reading these pages volunteer t get your coins. I went looking for 3 people who I thought I'd like to give my coins to. I tried to pick someone who had done something that I thought was thoughtful or that promoted geocaching or someone that was new to coin collecting and might get a real kick out of the offer of a coin with no strings attached. Two of the three have emailed me their shipping addresses and I'm waiting for the 3rd. Jeff / drexotic BTW: I don't know any of the 3 other than through their posts on these forums.
  9. I'd like to request 867-5309 Jenny I've got your number I need to make you mine Jenny don't change your number Eight six seven five three oh nine Jeff / drexotic
  10. I have this vision of my coins in a binder, a coin per page and a nice little card with each. It would have all the good technical stuff on it but might also have art work from the forum, the minter's avitar, etc.
  11. I've emailed 3 geocachers (all folks that I noticed in the Geocoin forums that I felt had done something nice or might not have been able to get the coin I'd like to give away). I hope to hear back from them confirming that they do not have the coin. Now . . . Just so I'm clear on the next step. Do I put 3 coins in caches or do I send them to someone that I trust will place them. Cheers! Jeff / drexotic
  12. Any new ideas? I'd like to find a coin page that held the coin and had a place to put a page or card with information about the coin. That way I could keep track of who minted the coin (most important to me) as well as when, where, activation information, websites, etc. Anyone ever seen such a thing? drexotic
  13. Hey I'm in! I found a wooden nickel in the very first cache I found. It's one of the very few things I have kept. I'm sure I would still be smitten with Geocaching had I not found that coin but it made the whole thing just that much better! Coins, buttons, Yrium cards (a San Diego Thing) . . . What a surprise when you find them there in the cache. Thanks for acting on this great idea. Jeff / drexotic
  14. Paypaled for 2 coins. Wish I could Moga with you all. Maybe I'd wear a Yoga! Thanks, drexotic
  15. Must have missed this early on. Paid for a couple if they are still available. Jeff / drexotic
  16. I'd like 2! Jeff / drexotic
  17. Will you please post a note here when the preorder thread starts. I have to see patients but I can check for notice of postings here. Thanks, Jeff / drexotic
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