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  1. My question likely got lost in the Rocket Launch so I'll ask again . . . Did anyone see Geocaching puts authorities on edge in the news?
  2. Welcome Steve! It just keeps gettin' better too!
  3. I had a Magellan unit that snapped onto my Palm 505. It worked great for car trips but not so great for Geocaching. I actually tried finding a cache in early 2003 with it and failed. Didn't try again till last June after purchasing my Garmin.
  4. Bummer! No go today? OOPS! spoke too soon??!!??
  5. I didn't get a chance to get online last night, but don't see mention of this article about geocaching that my technician brought to my attention. Anyone see this?
  6. I got live audio from ILS and Live video from NASA (they work on my broad band at the same time). I could not get both at same time from one or the other alone.
  7. Sent email. Thanks, Jeff / drexotic
  8. Hey QDman! I wanna be your sibling too! Can we be brothers in the greater family of Geocachers who started in 2005? Jeff / drexotic
  9. Hey, See the new format on pages and the new tabs on profiles. They separated the TB's from the caches! Looks pretty nice.
  10. Very cool! Got some. Jeff / drexotic
  11. No . . . But what is your experience? Jeff
  12. Are these coins still available? Jeff / drexotic
  13. Paypaled for one. Thanks Ladycacher! Jeff / drexotic
  14. OOPS! Almost forgot! Made payment today. Jeff / drexotic
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