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  1. Just a post of thanks to all the Geocachers that made me feel so well cared for during my trip to Birmingham. First I need to thank The Washers, Diane, Kim, Ron (for trusting me with his wife and daughter) and Billie. Diane adopted me for a day, shuttled me around, supplied foot wear, fed me and entertained me! Kim is one of the best mannered teenagers I've met in years, and Billie was friendly and full of energy! I may have not seen a cache larger than a film can with out them. I owe you a great debt and you are welcome here in San Diego any time! Thank you as well to lathama and Mcd1 for their offers to take me under their wings. I'm sorry we could not make it work. Thanks to Steve-e-b for his coordinate correction on Take Art. Even though I didn't make it to the final cache I very much enjoyed the tour of the art galleries of Birmingham . Thanks to The Mars Bars and Chris&MaryB that took me places in Birmingham that I may not have gone with our their caches, Brum's First Urban Micro and A bit of.......... A beautiful Country and Wonderful people. Thanks again! drexotic
  2. I'm still looking for someone to go caching in / around Birmingham on Sunday. Anyone interested? Jeff / drexotic
  3. Congratulations on the BIG NUMBERS DUGANRM! Fattboy! and MMCGR who hit 800 yesterday! A big BZ to you all! Jeff
  4. Great! I think I have a single lecture on Saturday and I have all day of on Sunday (have to just say my prayers at a cache ). I'll keep in touch between now and then and we can firm up plans as the day get closer. I will have a cell phone (don't have a number yet) and should have no problem getting email, etc. I continue to be impressed with the character of geocachers. Anyone else up for the day?
  5. I'll be in Brum (Birmingham) April 18-24,2006 giving a few talks at the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Conference at the ICC through Saturday and I fly back to the States on Monday. I won't have transportation but I'd be happy to buy food / gas if one or more local Geocachers would like to visit a few caches on Sunday. Jeff / drexotic
  6. I am not sure where it ended up but I know Infinitee had her and thought about taking her. You might want to email her and/or Team Adelos and see if they ended up with her. Thanks! Sounds like you had a great time up there. Sorry I missed it! I spent the day moving furniture and medical equipment while my Hospital got it's floors waxed and polished. Jeff
  7. Congratulations!!! Nothing else in your lives will ever compare to being parents. Take lots of time and enjoy every second of it! Jeff
  8. By any chance did anyone bring the Dora 2 TB back from At the Top? I've been busy getting ready to go to England and only this evening thought about Dora. I've been watching here but have not seen any activity from her in weeks! Then, what do I see but the SDCET geocachers logging her out and back into caches in Palomar! Well, If anyone has her or can get a hold of her by next weekend, will you please let me know so I can take her with me to England. I'm leaving Tuesday 4/18. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Yes... a big BZ to all! BRAVO ZULO ALL!!!
  10. Definately the A610. It is similar to the A520 but with superior image quality and more manual controls available. An excellent first camera for a beginner witha lot of room to learn enough to be ready later if you want to move into something like a DSLR. It has an excellent automatic exposure mode, too. Click here for example images taken with my A610. I like this one Jeff (Stillhaveing problems with the new forums!)
  11. The built-in map in my eTrex Legend C was quite comical when I went home last Christmas. Quite often while visiting my family in Cornwall, I was apparently in the Atlantic! So if you actually rely on your GPSr for navigation, you should definitely invest in some specific software with auto-routing. You may also find the roads quite strange - they go around corners and there isn't a traffic light every 0.1 miles!! OTOH, I'm sure a bright chap like you could handle using a map, and unless you're in the arse end of nowhere, the road signs are usually pretty accurate You may also find it pretty sparsely populated with caches if you're used to San Diego!! I'm hoping to find a few. I'm lecturing at the Conference Center in Birmingham and there are a half dozen caches within 5 miles of the Center. I'd like to drop a few bugs and coins while I'm there to see if they'll come home. If I get a chance I'll "hire a car" and venture away from town a ways. Thanks all for your input. Jeff
  12. Are 17 pound happy-go-lucky Cairn Terriers safe? We have had some owls hooting around our house and I have never been sure if they would attack our dog. I have a 18 pound Norwich and a 5 pound Chihuahua that have so far stayed out of the way of the GHO that takes pigeons off my roof every few weeks. I ran into her Face-to-face sitting on my fence finishing off one of the new squabs last spring. Again, it is odd for an adult bird to take on anything that would be dangerous (like a dog . . . but I have some concerns about the Chihuahua). It's the passage birds (first year birds making their first migration or out on their own for their first winter) that are the greatest concern. They don't have the experience (what is that big ol' fury animal down there?) and they are often challenged to find enough to eat, so they are ready to try anything. We see lots of them hit by cars trying to pick up road kill, etc. Jeff
  13. Anyone here been Geocaching in England? I'm most interested if anyone has used a North America Garmin map 60cs and, in your opinion, what map set worked or did not work for you. I will post this to the GPSr Forum but I know and trust this community and thought I'd start by asking here. Thanks, Jeff / drexotic
  14. That's just the kind of thing I might do . . . I'm just so excited about finding the cache! Last few months I've been making myself clip my GPSr to my back pack before I open the cache because I know I'm going to leave it (as well as part of my brain) there at the cache when I leave if I'm not careful! Jeff / drexotic
  15. It would be unusual for a barn owl to take on a JRT but (especially with "passage" (young) birds) they may give it a try just to see what happens. Flying raptors always "seem" larger than they are (this is more true when they are flying at your head) and the most common owl here in San Diego is the Barn owl. That said we do have many Great-horned owls. A female GHO is a formidable beast and would be able to take a female JRT (at least from a size and weight standpoint). I have seen them take full grown Jack Rabbits and I hear of them making attempts on clients cats from time to time. Jeff / drexotic BTW, I have a client who will place an owl box on your home or other building with or without a video camera so that you can observe the nesting owls and growing babies. Having an owl box on your home will solve your roof rat problems but may not be a good idea if you have small pets
  16. Congratulations ALL! Very impressive! Jeff
  17. ScreaminIan, Do you own the property at the intersection of Mesa Grande Rd and Black Canyon Rd? Is that your property with the landing strip . . . . The one I've always thought was the property in Ann Rand's Atlas Shrugged? Wow . . . . I grew up in the mountains outside of Salt Lake City. Not that far from town but it was a ways away from the closest store. Welcome to Geocachin.' We'll be looking for you on the trail. drexotic
  18. Beautiful! I had to carry one around in my pocket today! Great job Christopher!
  19. I'd like to get 2 coins if there are still coins available. Thanks, Jeff / drexotic
  20. I have placed lots of different items in caches, LiveStrong wrist bands, wooden fish, pocket angels (in micro's). I DO tend to pick up Flagman's Flag Swag more often than anything else. I enjoy giving American flags to kids that come into my practice and wear one most every day! Jeff / drexotic
  21. You may be able to plan a day of caching using the Trolley but I think you are right, a rental car will be MUCH easier way to get around and will allow you to pick caches you want to find based on the cache not the path of the trolley. Welcome to San Diego in advance! Jeff / drexotic
  22. Thanks for remembering! What a wild day of geocaching! It was great! Beautiful weather, GREAT COMPANY! Topped with a nice event. Thanks again, Jeff / drexotic
  23. [quote name=Snake & Rooster Unfortunately, I think we've done all of the caches on this map If anyone gets stuck on any of these and needs a lifeline, feel free to call. I won't put my cell number on the forum, but there are a number of people attending that have it. Alternately, you can email us and I'll email you back the number if you want it. --Rich Rich, Thanks for the offer of support. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event. Jeff
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