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  1. I'm gonna do my first step right after you send me a couple of these coins!
  2. WOW! You guys just blow me away! Congratulations to all of you who made 00's! Sorry I missed it!
  3. Ditto! I'm a working guy. I see clients 5-6 days a week and my days are long. I get to pick up a cache on my weekends or occasionally going to/from another errand. When a coin does show up in a cache there is often a rush for it similar to a getting a FTF and the chance of me picking it up is slim. I like the coins and I am happy to get them anyway I can. If I can purchase a few coins off ebay to build a base to trade from I say that's great!
  4. I'd like two as well if there is still time. drexotic
  5. I'd like 5 regular coins please. I thought that I had loged a request earlier but I can not see it in the log. If this is a duplicate 5 will do. If I ordered silver I'll still take them Thanks!
  6. I'd love to lend a hand and meet some of you. Let me know when.
  7. I picked up regular and misprint of #22 (Chuy) and #14 (Dan-oh) "smudge" card.
  8. I got VA-Cache coins today . . . Thanks Don!
  9. Congratulations to VegasMoose (from Las Vegas) who: Came to San Diego, Set up a new Cache (3xA+6), Found a lost / inactive cache (A Little Out of My League), and logged it as his #200! Nice to have Cacher's like that come tovisit.
  10. One of my favorite "Must Do" caches in San Diego County is Project "Delta" by drew5.10 (GCM499). It's not in San Diego Proper but it IS a great urban cache.
  11. Oh man! That'd be a pretty high number for almost all of us! Finally an area I can excel in!
  12. Add me to the list for one please. Thanks!
  13. A vegetarian one? We work on lots of wildlife / birds of prey at my practice. I'm pretty sure your friend is a sharp-shinned hawk (they have those characteristic bare legs), and most likely a young (or passage) bird. They are inexperienced and, especially as they start their migration, they do stupid things trying to catch enough food to stay alive (Humm, reminds me of some people I know!) I'd post a picture but I have not figured how to do that as of yet. drexotic
  14. Holly Cr@p! Don't you guys have a job?!?! Way to go! I'm just blown away by the number of caches some of you have! 10 - 15 years from now I'll be right behind ya! Congratulations on 2300 and counting! drexotic
  15. I have been talking with a friend who would like a few coins as well. I'll pay Paypal for 5 more of the 100 left if I may. drexotic
  16. Very Cool! Can't wait to see 'em. drexotic
  17. Congratulations to Skillet on 400! I seem to be following the centurians This week
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