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  1. I have a walking stick that can be used as a monopod. I got it at REI. The brand is "Tracks" and their web page is: www.trackspoles.com. I've had one of "Tracks" walking sticks with the camera mount / compass for several years (1994) and like it, however it has taken a back seat to trecking poles. It has weathered the years well, zero problems. I got mine from Adventure 16 Jeff
  2. Picked up 5 last night! Nanner Nanner Nanner! Wait till you see them! They look great! Thanks for all your work!
  3. In the 70's (I know I'm an old fart) I spent part of a summer on an island in Burntside Lake (and a day in each direction in Ely). Beautiful place. I'd love to have both the island and my summers off! [Grammer edit]
  4. I've been looking for somewhere to put my photo's to upload. Thought I'd try FLICKr (it's free if you have a Yahoo account and I have one w/ my DSL line). It's not real smooth but it seems to work. Anyone have other good ideas??!!?? Jeff
  5. Been a while but I'm sure I can still castrate a colt!
  6. Testing to see if I can use Flickr for photo uploads.
  7. Looks as if it was west of the cache and all turned out well. Photo's here. Edit to fix URL.
  8. Big gasoline Tanker fire this morning very close to Chey's Go Bolts Wonder if it survived!?!?!
  9. I was at Max's this morning at ~ 9:45. There was one couple with a dog, but surprisingly no one else. I had expected to run into someone at the cache. Took one of each mon! They look great! Jeff [Edit for grammer ]
  10. I've been working (as a veterinarian) on the stranger of things for 22 years now! I spent some of that time (the first few years) working on dogs and cats. Last 19 has been limited to the Exotic. (Somebody has to fix 'em!) Jeff
  11. Holy cr@p! I just about had an ASNR when I red this! Glad it was just your GPSr and not one of you! Jeff / drexotic [Edit for emotion!]
  12. Not surprisingly, my practice has more than its share of "EXOTIC" creatures and their owners (a few of which are Geocachers I've come to find). The greatest protion of our patients are Birds (mostly parrots), rabbits, "small mammals" (rats, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, etc.) and the more commonly kept reptiles (constrictor and colubrid snakes, iguanas, bearded dragons turtles and tortoises and the like). WE also see a smattering of the even mor exotic, primates, fish, spiders . . . I've mostly used the "fix the brightness, contrast, hue . . . photo editors. I used Microsofts Picture-it and have used their Digital Image Pro. I was given Photoshop 4 several years ago and spent a little time experimenting with it but had no documents and my time was very limited then so it went on the back burner. I have to tell you that I have learned more in the last few days doing your lessons than I learned in many many hours of poking around (with Photoshop 4) on my own. I look forward to contributing to the visual cacophony! Jeff
  13. Harmon, I wanted to take a monent (and a bit of space) to introduce myself and tell you how much I enjoy your Photoshop Lessons. I began lurking here since late June after I discovered Geocaching (and these forums). I purchased Photoshop a few weeks ago when I felt that I had out grown the photo editing software I was using. I have just started working my way through your first few lessons. Thanks again. I'll upload a bit of my "home work" when I figure how!?! Jeff / drexotic [Grammer edit]
  14. Made Paypal payment. Thanks, drexotic
  15. I visited Hangman's Highway (GCAF51) where GoBolts replaced the cache November 15th. This is a great place for a cache and a great way for us to finish our day. :PB):DB):oB);) Thanks GoBolts!
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