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    Coins arrived today. They're GREAT! Jeff / drexotic
  2. Got my coins a few days ago. Sorry to take so long to check in. The coins look great! I wanted to thank you for taking the time and packaging them so nicely. Jeff / drexotic Edit for crappy typing
  3. Thanks for the heads up! Jeff / drexotic
  4. I'd like 3 coins and 2 pins. Thanks, Jeff / drexotic Edited cuz I can't help myself!!!
  5. Very Nice! I think I'll copy the two pages and use them for the covers of my coin book! MERRY CHRISTMAS RBC AND ALL THE REST OF MY COIN CRAZY FRIENDS! Jeff / drexotic
  6. GAA coins! Now I guess I need to find a meeting! Jeff
  7. I've had a few torn envelopes before but always had my coins make it. Wednesday and Thursday were dark days for me, however with coins from both GOWT and NCGO missing from their envelopes. (I've posted this information on other threads already). See one here I'm so very impressed with all those involved and I'm hoping to find replacements for the lost coins. Thanks, Jeff / drexotic
  8. Yowzer! That sure went by me I'd love to trade for one when things come around to that . . . or put me on your waiting list! Thanks, Jeff
  9. On a happy note I received 4 beautiful coins from the Delaware State Geocaching Club today
  10. Yes my bubble mailer was in the same condition. It looks like it has been cut on the end. As I posted last Thursday (maybe on another thread) mine came the same way. I'm still trying to get into the Post Office to file the claim on my insurance (glad I had that) but as you said the worst part is not having the coins. I recieved an envelope the very next day from GOWT with similar looking envelope. May be that someone is taking the coins but I think the vinyl envelopes cut through the bubble wrap envelopes when handled roughly or sped through the postal machines. Jeff / drexotic
  11. After two days of empty padded envelopes (someone at the post office has an awsome coin collection) I got a Qc Beercoin in my mailbox today. Thanks for packaging it so nicely! Jeff / drexotic Edit for crappy typing!
  12. Wow, What a great lesson. I'll give it a try and post my results. Jeff
  13. I came home to an empty envelope from NCGO! I'll make a claim with the post office (I had insurance on the shipment) but I'd like to find replacement coins! Anyone have extras? Jeff / drexotic
  14. For the second day in a row I have found an empty envelope in my mail box. Today's empty envelope came from NCGO I still haven't filled out the forms for the coins I lost yesterday and there is little chance of replacing the coins. Jeff / drexotic
  15. I got an empty envelope from GOWT Guess I get to see how the USPS insurance program works drexotic
  16. A belated Happy Birthday Harmon! Jeff / drexotic
  17. In the early 1990's I was asked to consult on a new veterinary bulletin board, The Veterinary Information Network. They wanted consultants to have a handle that reflected the area of their expertise . . . hence drexotic.
  18. Sent email (Hope I'm not too late!), drexotic
  19. As an ex-patriot Salt Laker I'd love to have one of each. Thanks! drexotic
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