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  1. Hey San Diego Cachers !!! I've got 4-5 ammo cans (need a bit of care) and a bunch of other caching containers that I need to find a home. Email me !!! Cheers! Jeff
  2. Congratulations to Iron_Maiden who hit 100 at Hollowed Ground
  3. Anyone want to do Forbidden Forest tonight? I was saving it for Halloween but had too many things on my plate. Got a free pass for some Geocaching time for tonight. I'd suggest a start time of ~7:00 PM . . . Email me if you are coming. drexotic@aol.com
  4. Either I'm tired or we watch too many cartoons, but when I look at that map I see this... Funny . . . I said the same thing when I saw it !!! Guess it's a sign of having kids in the house.
  5. HUMMM . . . . Quiet round here . . . .
  6. Congratulations to Lulu499 for hitting 500 on Geocaching Addiction Quiz!
  7. Hmmmm . . . Wonder what they said about MY chili ???
  8. I had to reread this twice... You see, if you take a river trip down the Grand Canyon, you cannot leave anything in the canyon. Everything has to be packed out including human waste. 20mm rocket boxes seal up nice and tight and keep everything inside until you get back. Nowadays, you can even get toilet seats that fit right on top and liners that fit right down inside for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. So when I read about a "truly impressive rocket box" holding "bigger than average chachkas", a geocache was not the first thing that came to mind... This rocket box has made a few river trips and spent a number of years in the back of my jeep. I have another that has served latrine duty but I thought it best not to use it for the cache!
  9. I have one of these that I use for my notebook. Bit spendy but very well made and it is very easy to remove when you don't want it in the Jeep
  10. BTW . . . Be sure you read the cache page for the special requirements to get the smiley
  11. I've just reactivated Yrium's White Elephant Cache in Mission Valley. If you have not found this cache . . . or if you have not found it for many years . . . Please come by and enjoy the pure fun and joy of Geocaching that was Yrium. I replaced the cache with a truly impressive rocket box that will hold your bigger than average chachkas! Thanks . . . I'm pretty sure it will make Yrium smile!
  12. Congratulations to 2Cougs on finding 500 !!!
  13. Congratulations to TFTC on finding #500 !!!
  14. Sorry to blow my own horn . . . But I need all the encouragement I can get . . . I hit 500 today on 94th Aero !!! Just took 2 years and 3 months !!!
  15. Lovely weather we're having, don't you think ?!?!?
  16. Honk if you recognise these cows! Sorry . . . not the best shots but they'd spook if I got much closer !!!)
  17. Congratulations Miragee and Slaby's . . very impressive!
  18. I was at AIRPLANES today sometime after Winkster took this picture and saw the fish jumping in the canal at the west end of the runway . . . it was very cool!
  19. Congratulations !!! Lost Clan & Cat & Bobby
  20. Very Nice . . . . This is a GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT!"
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