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  1. These sellers are sanctioned by Groundspeak and pay a 20% royalty of the total sales price. You can find them almost anywhere. Others just avoid copyright infringements.
  2. We can carry signs demanding 'Redistribution of Magic!' .... to much time on my hands..... back to the firewood stacking...
  3. You'll have better luck sweeping marbles up a hill.
  4. Lots of dead zones where I cache, no phone signal.
  5. I haven't found any geo software that works very well with a mac. Best thing I have come up with is to copy and paste into my kindle. Your GPS (or at least mine does) will display caches in order of proximity to you, not on a route. However, downloading the caches you want to seek will show them on your gps in the topo view. You can then at least see what cache you are approaching.
  6. I had one published about 20 minutes after submitting, about 7:30pm local.
  7. Within 500 feet of the ISS could be a pretty messed up scenario
  8. Sounds like fun. Maybe a Tolkienesque (sp?) kind of a cache regarding hints like treebeard or ents for a tree placement, dwarves for a rockpile sort of placement, hobbits for tunnels or holes...... Man, that WOULD be fun if someone was familiar with the story. Could also encourage us to read more than just these forums...
  9. I went after a cache that hadn't been found for 17 months. It almost felt like getting the FTF! Rescued a travel bug that had been there all this time and got it circulating again. In my area, these caches are usually a bit harder to get to but can be fun if found. One was an altoids can that was hard to get out of a tree that was growing around it.
  10. There's your problem. The query is trying to find caches which match both those criteria and none exist. If you want both found and haven't found, don't select either one. Looks like you nailed it! I removed one and I got over 200 hits, THANKS!! I was trying to set up a multi cache and was having problems with the final. I needed a list of all the caches I found AND haven't found because I kept running into an oversaturation problem. The lingo on that parameter does seem to imply that I should be able to get both found and unfound..... Anyway, thanks for helping me out, it worked!
  11. Just ried it again on the work computer which is windows and I still get zero hits, so it's not a Mac specific issue. Sunday 500 caches any type any container haven't found and have found D/T 1 or greater for both within Oregon zip code 97487 radius 10 miles placed during - none selected gpx and compress to zip submit zero hits again did it again under 'run once then delete and still zero hits
  12. I rerun a pq that was successful before as a test and it also came up with zero hits. The system also won't allow me to delete my last 'my finds' pq. I have checked all the parameters and also checked a day of the week, but nothing. It's been a couple of days now, I'll check again when I get home tonight to see if the hiccup is gone. If not, I can take a screen shot if needed...
  13. All my PQ searches turn up zero hits.... even ones I've run in the past.
  14. Thanks for the input! I knew I could count on seasoned cachers for input. I will modify (remove) some excessive info!
  15. Nope, the coords are spot on, no fuzzy numbers other than the usual satellite drift.
  16. The terrain at GZ isn't real steep, but no way can anybody just walk up to it.
  17. Maybe try zooming in on your cache with satellite imagery and see if the location shown is indeed where you placed the cache. I did one yesterday that was on the wrong side of a trail by about 60 yards. When I got home and checked, the satellite pic did show the area I was looking in, not even close to where the cache actually was.
  18. Recently I have placed a 5X5 hide and have already recieved several e-mails asking for more info. All the 5X5s I have looked at are incredibly difficult to get. It seems they usually require some specialized equipment that I don't have, so I wanted to hide one that didn't require any. I ended up finding a place that was hard to get to and actually required me to do a belly crawl for about 30 yards to place it. Now I have updated the listing to provide directions to the cache that will get finders within that 30 yards, not to mention the coordinates. I don't want to lose the 5X5 listing, so I was wondering if that is too much info? Signal is pretty good at GZ. Should I go on to describe the container? It's got a great camo job and was made to hide in the spot I placed it.
  19. Yeah, and I love to drive, but all the cars on the road are ruining it for me!
  20. On my screen the log dates are there, but no avatars show at all, just the grey face.
  21. Seems like there would be an audience for all types of caches. I prefer containers because it's fun to go somewhere I haven't been and be able to bullseye a location miles away. I may be wrong here, but aren't challenges similar to Waymarking?
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