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  1. Team Semper Questio, We would like to order one of the gold coins. We found the A.P.E. cache in Maryland. The design is great. -Global Retrievers
  2. USMC 1989-2001. Got out as a GySgt. First five years I was a 6313 Com/Nav Tech for the A-6 Intruder. After that I worked on EA-6Bs when the Coprs did away with the A-6s for F/A-18s. I served in Desert Storm with VMA-(AW)-533. Lat. moved as a Sgt in 1994 to the 0200 field as an Imagery Analyst. Now I work for one of the three-letter acronym agencies here in the D.C. area. I thank the Corps every day for what it has given me in my life. OOH-RAH Devil Dogs. Stay Hard and God bless!
  3. Well there goes my idea of hiding my bucket cache under the middle of the Golden Gate bridege. Just kidding.
  4. Thank you for the update. We will be looking foward to receiving them!
  5. I see that a lot of people have ordered the Wyoming GeoCoin and have paid for them via PayPal. Has anyone even recieved one yet? Or even gotten a confirmation on when they are due to be sent? I too have paid for two Wyoming Geocoins to Ross Stewart (blueplauge@gmail.com) and I have never gotten a response back about the shipping date.
  6. I woke up dazed in the woods while geocaching and I noticed my GPSr odometer jumped from 150 to 30,000 miles! When I got home I noticed TFTC was written on my lower back. Explain that Agent Mulder.
  7. We came a across a hobo's tent near "Short Stop." Another time we came across five half-full beer kegs sitting in a creek bed. Looks like a party had been busted and the kegs were tossed down the hill behind the house. My wife would not help me carry one of the kegs back to our truck because we did not know how long it had been out there. But we did take the taps!
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