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  1. how about somthing like Directory Home > Things > Structures > Bridges > Picturesque Bridges waymarks for bridges just fro crossing could go under bridges with no picture required interesting bridges would go under Pictuesque Bridges with a picture required.
  2. a regular old bridge just to use as a bridge can be found by looking at a map. no need for a category for that. a map usuly wont show you if the bridge is interesting or not. Thats the point of this category
  3. yes this is a good one but i wouldn't limit it to free camp grounds listing only free campsites would narow it down too much lots of beautyful state parks have campping but still charge a small fee.
  4. yes it should the description should include what type of trail hiking atv aquestrian bicycling etc.
  5. a category for caves and Caverens under Natural places. to add a way point please suply the Admission cost and Hours of Operation.
  6. will we be able to get PQs for way marks like be able to get waymarks from specifc catigories for vacations like be able to get a listing of all caves and caverens for example.
  7. Pye is right Waymarking is not a contest to rack up points it should be a tool that can be used by vacationers and such.
  8. this one should have subcatigories Drive ins old and new Cineplex Dramatic arts
  9. this should be a category but be sure to have admision prices and hours of operation as a requirement for adding a waymark.
  10. this could be a broad category under the things category though but not one that waymarks can go directly under as it stands right now. subcategories under it could be National champion trees or meteor crators.
  11. Ivote this could be a top level category under places with different museums types under it. Science Art
  12. How about making a Historic marker category and makeing subcategories by state then by city.
  13. Intersting Bridges Quick Description: Locations of interesting bridges Detailed Description: Inseresting can include: Covered bridges suspension bridges cable stay bridges arch bridges picturesque bridges exceptional long bridges very tall Bridges Bridges with complex super stucture bridges of historicl significance. Bridges like the golden gate Bridge the Broklen Bridge would be considered interesting. Simple overpasses crossing the Highway or flat woden plank bridges on a walking path are not interesting. here is an example of an interesting bridge the moderator of the category will decide if the bridge you submit is interesting enaugh to be listed. Instructions for placing waymarks into this category: Make sure to include a picture of the bridge and the coordinates of where the picture was taken from also include the body of water or highway or whatever it crosses. Instructions for logging waymarks of this category: Include a picture of the bridge and the coords of where the picture was taken from. Bridges can look very different from various angles so try to get a unique perspective.
  14. If you wish to meet me along the way to say "Hi" you reach me on FRS 2 and my cell phone is (225) 610-2571
  15. The Alabama Rambler has aggreed to drive Sag wagon. for any section from Tupelo to th Nashville and can drive you back to your car, if you would like to join me on any of those sections. I would like to note a few change to the schedule on day one i wil ride from the terminus to the state park and not ride both directions. in stead of camping at ratlif ferr i'll be staying at a motel in Rigland. and instead of staying at Tupelo visitor center i'll be in a motel in Tupelo.
  16. just a reminder the ride starts on june 19 i'll be leaving Natchez about 4PM
  17. I'll ridding the Natchez Trace Parkway on bicycle in a week i would like to know of some good caches along the way. that arn't to far off.
  18. The date for Bike Quest has been moved back the new Start Date is FAthers day Bike Quest 2005 The First Anualish Bike Trip Natchez To Nashville -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am planning a 450 mile bicycle tour event cache The tentative start date will be May 20 2005 The Tour will follow the Natchez Trace Parkway from end to end (Natchez Ms to Nashville Tn). The total length is approximately 450 miles. It will take about 8-9 days to complete. To get credit for the event you can ride all or any portion of the tour or just meet me along the way. We will be camping for most of the tour. We will ride on average 60 miles per day with 15 min breaks about once an hour. You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the start/end points. Day 1 June 19 Sunday Afternoon meet at Natchez State Park. Day ride to terminus and back Day 2 June 20 Ride from Natchez State Park to Rocky Springs Campground 59 miles Day 3 June 21 Ride from Rocky Springs to Ratliff Ferry 74.4 miles Day 4 June 22 Ratliff Ferry to Jeff Busby 70.5 miles Day 5 June 23 Jeff Busby to Tupelo Visitor Center 74.2 miles Day 6 June 24 Tupelo Visitor Center to Colbert Ferry 62 miles Day 7 June 25 Colbert Ferry to Meriwether Lewis 59.3 miles Day 8 June 26 Meriwether Lewis to Nashville terminus 57.1 miles I'm not sure yet if we will use a sag wagon to carry most of the gear or if we'll carry it on bike. If you are interested in participating or have suggestions email me For more info on the Natchez Trace Parkway click here
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