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  1. This would be salsify. We've tried growing it but haven't been too successful. We know it is supposed to taste like oysters but we've never tried oysters so couldn't comment on that. Salsify does have nice flowers, though!
  2. We thought drsolly and his Chiltern Hundred series was a good guess. If it's incorrect, then we know that there is a cacher called BaSHful, but we don't know how it fits with a cache series or the statistics.
  3. Sorry to hear that your TB is missing. We're based about 10 miles from where it was last placed, so we will keep a look out for it. Hope you have some good news soon.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! We've been watching the questions for a while and have missed being able to answer a few over the last few weeks. Glad to be able to get this one. Sticking with the Paralympics... The nearest gold postbox to us is in Doddington in Cambs. Which paralympian won a 100m final and chose this location to commemorate his gold medal?
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