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  1. Sticking with cartoon superheroes, what was the name of SuperTed's sidekick?
  2. Sorry, not Mr Happy or Mr Greedy, although they were two of the first six to be published.
  3. Many thanks. What is the name of the first Mr Men character created by Roger Hargreaves?
  4. The cache would appear to be https://coord.info/GC3T7BF and the TB is https://coord.info/TBB614. Unfortunately, the cache logs suggest the travelbug wasn't in the cache from around 20/3/14.
  5. According to Google, that's a ding to Blue Square Thing. (And apologies to Boggin's Dad for taking over their question.)
  6. Hope this is OK... In an attempt to move this thread on, I've looked up the answer. Sorry, TheOldfields, It isn't Brian Clough.
  7. Gosh... both issues are now fixed! Thank you, jri, for such a speedy update!
  8. We've noticed this as well. We're also finding that additional waypoints aren't displayed when we view the larger map.
  9. We agree with Beach_hut. Can Boggin's Dad have the ding to get things moving again?
  10. I wonder if this might be an issue with the GME (Geocaching Map Enhancements) userscript. (The screenshot shows the GME tools at the bottom left corner.) I have looked at OpenCycleMap on the geocaching map both with and without the userscript being active. "API Key Required" only appears with the userscript. Sorry, but I can't help with a solution.
  11. We knew the band name so can we add to maxkim's answer? It's Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. maxkim did the tricky bit so they deserve the ding.
  12. Grrr... Mr RJx2 knew the band straight away but we can't remember their number one hit.
  13. Thanks! Staying with Queen, what was their first UK number one single?
  14. Hmmm... I read the question differently. I thought that we were asked to name six of the eight cities that have a unique first letter. Having checked Wikipedia, I can't attempt an answer but I counted eight cities that qualify. Maybe a clarification is needed.
  15. We saw a small poster on a lamp post today for Lakefest, so we'll try that.
  16. Thanks for the ding. What was the pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?
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