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  1. Red Centre Experience : Wed Night info: Friday the 10 th of March will be the final cut off date for many items at the event. Logo items have to be ordered and delivered onsite so you will need to have your : 1/ Will Attend logged. 2/ Geocaching.com account Registered online here http://red.ozmega.com.au/registration As long as you have registered by the 10 th of March you will be guaranteed free, the following items : Registration Bag , Personalised Car Flag ( IMAGE 1 ), Logo Name /Security Tags for each person( IMAGE 2 )with your first name and Geocaching.com name featured. There will be no spare car flags if you register late. For name tags , there will be blanks at Registration and you will receive a hand written name tag if you miss the cut-off. So, with 42 days till the start , now is the time to get really serious about your registration and travel plans with Alice Springs now ready to welcome all attendees from Australia and beyond. Greg President.
  2. Easter is approaching quickly and now is the time to make those plans and be involved in something special. Tourism NT are huge Sponsors of this event and have put a lot into the set up for your benefit. Have a look at the website and you will realise the enormity of the 4 day event . The Red Centre Experience Mega Event GC6825Z is where you need to place your " Will Attend " to enter this free event. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6825Z_red-centre-experience?guid=e5df7476-565d-413f-9400-0db9c34a15bc If you have never been to this beautiful part of Australia have a peek at the you tube clip below of the event location, township, local caches, scenery and tourist spots. Greg, President.
  3. The countdown is now on with only 4 months to Australia's most exciting Mega Event to date. The Red Centre Experience , Alice Springs . GC6825Z. My link The whole event is a free entry ,as is registration .Now is the time to start planning to be part of this 4 day unique event and opportunity to have the geocaching holiday of a lifetime. The website lists all your information to assist you with camping, activities, food stalls, entertainment,seminars, and much more here at: My link Now is the time to pop your Will Attend and officially register online at the website process. Greg Shaw, President, Oz Mega Committee.
  4. The Red Centre Experience is gaining momentum at a rapid pace and now is the time to start planning your adventure with 9 months to go. You can also check out all the updates and info on our Facebook page here.https://www.facebook.com/Red-Centre-Experience-1464167497221583/ The website is detailed and has all your required information for travellers from Australia and beyond .Website link.. http://www.red.ozmega.com.au
  5. This will be a an event not to be missed folks. Set in the iconic town of Alice Springs , it will give geocachers not only the chance to find all the local caches, but an opportunity to find those special caches in your travels to the event. There will be 400 caches placed in the Greater Alice Springs region just for the event. All the rest of the itinerary , seminars and highlights can be found on the live website at .http://red.ozmega.com.au If you just attend one event in 2017, start planning now for this truly exciting Easter get together.
  6. Have just seen the post. Will send a private email. thankfully, Greg, President, Oz Mega Committee
  7. Hello coyoty05, We see that you are based somewhere around the Albury region which is ideal for you. Not sure how many are in your team or how close to the Equestrian Centre you live but will give you some details. Basically, a Mega Event is an event where a minimum 500 people must register.Its a gathering and get together of geocaching teams from all over Australia and many other countries. As you can see on the website here...http://www.ozmega.com.au/, Its a mixture of many components. Firstly, you can camp with the crowds which is recommended to get into the spirit. Many locals are. You can also commute daily. There will be geocaching games provided on sheets within your "Registration Pack ".You can chose to compete in all or none. You can sit back and relax within the site or get out and about or a combination. Most be competing in the games provided, then coming back late afternoon, enjoying a nightly meal available and then moving to the entertainment area. All four nights will be full of entertainment. Even if you were not a geocacher, these nights are 4 great nights of a variety of entertainment, speeches, prizes, presentations, awards,auctions, lucky draws, competitions, and all shown live on the big 10m wide screen next to the stage. Plenty of stalls will be on offer for your viewing all over the 4 days. Meals constantly available. But, most of all , its all about the new friendships made, teams to meet you have only seen mentioned in logs , great stories to tell and hear, and all the socialising over the entire event. The choice is yours of how you spend your time. Its an event not to be missed , especially as you are a local. Over $1,000,000 will be generated to the Albury economy and the media coverage will be in newspapers and on TV. If you are thinking of going, just place a "Will Attend " on the GC page , stating how many in your team, plus if you are camping or not, and day of arrival. Hope you can make this fast approaching much anticipated event.Looking forward to your "Will Attend ". Thankfully, Greg President.
  8. We are really trying to entice a team from Britain this time as we didn't have an entry to the first MEGA. The OZ MEGA ALBURY WODONGA has had over 300 people enter via " will attends " in the first two weeks even though its not till Easter ,2012. First ever 5 day event in the world with 4 nights entertainment. Helicopter events, big prizes, lots of games and local caches will feature. Here is the link and website with all the details. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=f909d683-3e27-48c6-8fcc-a6b2fac9240b Thankfully, Greg President Oz Mega Committee
  9. There's no official 'MEGA' committee. Anyone can attempt to list one! It will only move if some other group gets together and runs one. As CraigRat stated. Anyone can list a mega or attempt too. If you live in Perth i can tell your chances of a mega every being in Perth are slim. This is the reason why... Australia has a 22 million population base. A small percentage are geocachers. Not everyone is interested in Mega's. The majority of the population base is between Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne. Next, there is only one possible weekend to stage it and that is at Easter. The reason for this is as follows... if it were held on a 2 day weekend or even a 3 day weekend it makes the long driving distances not worth it for only 2 days etc. Other times like school holidays dont work, because states are different and doesn't mean the parents have time off.Xmas is a nightmare with too many committements for families. So it just has to be Easter to gain the 4 days of value. Keeping that in mind you can see how difficult it would be to stage it in WA or even SA or NT or far north QLD. it has to be placed in a Eastern seaboard region. The chances of Perth ever staging one would only be if incredible prizes and entertainment were offered . So, Tartansnake . although we can understand you being disappointed its not moved to say Sydney or Victoria , no one has put up their hand to even be interested.We are also interested in conducting one every two years with the same Committee for the next one and moving it around. In some other forums it was stated ,that some people were disappointed the next one was was within 200km's of Wagga. Cant see their reasons.Its about the fun and comradery of the event .This must be how it is seen , as the United States conducts about 7 mega's per year. Each one is in a small town , no capital cities involved and get this...each one is staged at the same location each year.No one complains and every one gets bigger each year. One about 8 years in a row. :) So, just getting everyone to a mega in Australia is not easy. You have to offer the best weekend, good entertainment and activities to suit all ages.But , America started off with one and has progressed big leaps and bounds. Australia should progress forward too, with caches going out at a frantic rate now, more teams getting into it, and the luxury of having Geoacaching Australia for all info. :) So, Tartansnake that is a bit of an insight to the workings of a mega. please understand they are not easy events to stage.There are no paid positions and sponsors have to be sourced. Hopefully , we will see you at the next one in 2012. There are about to be some huge updates in the next few weeks.Will keep everyone posted. Thankfully, Greg President. :)
  10. Try Camping world http://www.campingworld.com.au/site/stores...&storeid=31 Just spoken with them and yes they do stock and supplie ammo boxs. Plus they were the Major Sponsor of Oz Mega Wagga Wagga and will still look after you with all your caching needs. Just mention Geocaching ...they know all about it and stock a few more bits and pieces now too.Ask for Debbie or Neil and they will appreciate the business.Good Luck.
  11. did you get a photo? More details please! We can give you all the info on the vehicle and more importantly the sign you spotted today. The sign has 3 words on it and it states......Geocache Management Vehicle. They are produced by the Victorian team of Ian and Penny.They produced one as a sample and took it to the event day called ..."Caching in Geelong Get Together " on the 16 th of August 08.If you have a look at GC1D2Y2 ,you can have a look at Roundcircles log ,they took some pictures of the magnets attatched to the vehicle. They were selling for $30 each last year ,so are probaly about the same price. They also have a forum posting in buy and sell on "GA" about half way down first page. They were apparently produced as an original idea for driving in "National Parks" to make it appear as an official car. I can also tell you ,it was not Ian and penny you saw ,as they are caching in SA yesterday. post a reply if you work out who it was . Cheers....Greg.
  12. As of today,The Mega Event reached its target of 500 entries for indicative interest.The event is 100 % go ahead now and the online entry forms and all the details will be available in May.Keep the indicative nominations coming in and thank you for supporting this exciting event planned for Easter 2010 in Wagga Wagga.
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