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  1. my statement was an imperical one. It had nothing to do with logging caches or events, or anything else in particular. BUT, I always assume that the ones that react the most had to most to react for. I expected that the concept would be over the heads of some readers.
  2. I usually run my queries in pairs. One with all caches and one that excludes multi's, puzzles, and virtuals. This way I can hunt the type I have time to hunt. I enjoy all TYPES of caches. A well placed micro in a high visibility area where maximum stealth is required is almost as much fun as an ammo can in the swamp next to a gator slide.
  3. It all depends on the kind of cheating being done. It can affect others. I know of one geocacher whas lured into a fruitless 100 mile RT to find a long missing cache because someone logged a phony find on it. A few months ago my wife and I wasted our time looking for a cache that was no longer there. A glance at the page showed recent smileys, so we drove out of our way and searched a lot longer than we ordnarily would have because the cache had recent "finds". When I got home to log my DNF I noticed that the recent "finds" were all lies. The owner "let" the people log finds for the missing cache. Yeah, my fault for trusting in the integrity of my fellow geocachers. I should have read the logs first. Still, their little personal version of the sport wasted my time and gas. Been there done that! Everyone probably will in time.
  4. Everyone seems to be getting upset over things they say do not matter, STATS etc. Just remember that a person that cheats at solitaire is only cheating themselves; and caching is really solitaire.
  5. In caching as in life, some things are a matter of honor and honesty and some people have neither. These people look at it as a lawyer would; if it has not been ruled against it is legal.
  6. I am aware of multiple logging is the cache is moved to a new location, but i never heard of logging into an event more than once. I don't like adding rules to anything in life, but this is a little strange and i can't see how you could really justify it.
  7. All caches in Florida have mosquitos. We carry spray and the headnets to go over our hats.
  8. thank goodness they are everywhere you go.
  9. there is truth in wat you say "totem Clan". If you get a chance rapid city has a few, we cached ther last summer. Some are pretty good.
  10. Thanks Personal attacks will just start a flame war and i have noticed that it is also banned. lol
  11. Mike, Could you explain further your reasoning for this opinion? I'm just curious as to how you arrived at it. thanks, Hank Me too My other family members who cache with us have less than 100 finds and they are better at finding stuff than me, don't understand your reasoning. I have children and g-children that cache some and i don't think that they have seen enough caching to reorganize the sport. I am not saying that they don't like to cache and aren't good at it. Mike
  12. Mike, Could you explain further your reasoning for this opinion? I'm just curious as to how you arrived at it. thanks, Hank The basis for this came last year when GWIII ended and the planning for GWIV began. There were some cachers that were long time with Groundspeak and low on cache count making a lot of noise on these forums about how things should be. We come back this year and the same people are making a lot of noise and their cache count has not increased appreciably or at all. Some of these people are now making money off of the group. (I assume that means they are businessmen trying to make the cache community their customers) I also feel that you need to experience a lot of caches in order to understand them. I never cared for the locationless or the moving caches, but I also don’t care about them. I usually load the GPSr and the IPAQ with queries and follow the needle to whatever it leads. BUT, I do understand that some cachers do not like micros and nanos; I feel the same about puzzle caches. I am just concerned that some that really don’t cache are having a negative effect on geocaching with Jeremy and others that control a lot of the ways things are done at gc.com.
  13. just about as much a growing one flower makes you a gardener.
  14. There is no way to even discuss the point without it turning to insults so i won't try.
  15. These are my opinions, you judge yourself. A cacher caches. As for "criminal", my statement on his cache had nothing to do with the other statement except it being in the same post.
  16. My comment about "fine cachers and those that need to do more caching" would not include "criminal". His new 5 by 5 GCW62K is a cache that i would be after now is I was on the west coast. On the other hand, I feel that if you have been on ground speak for 3 to 5 years and still are under 100 caches, you are not really a cacher. (my opinion) In the few caches I have located, I am sure there are a few good caches. As far as caring if someone knows who i am and where i am at, go for it, scare me please. Mike
  17. Hello, I don't spend a lot of time on forums and a dozen smileys don't make a cacher. But, after reading the recently closed topics and a lot of profiles, I see that there are a lot of fine cachers here and some that need to go out and find a few more caches and write fewer posts on the forums. I was at GWIII and GWIV. (this is my opinion)
  18. Sometimes people (fundamentalists) think that only their shade of gray is the correct color.
  19. Carole and I reallly had a great time. We were really looking forward to meeting the Texas Geo bunch and seeing the people that we had met at GWIII again. We were not disappointed!!! This small amount of controversy that is going around will not dampen our spirits and we "WILL" be at GW V if there is one. Mike
  20. We personally had a great time at GWIV and having done a nine mile hike with the person that brought the cache from IRAQ, I feel that the gentleman was very sincere in his intentions. AND, since i am a COMBAT veteran from viet nam and not a pseudo commando, i feel that this really would not offend the troops in IRAQ. Mike
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