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  1. Hi ElementCW,


    welcome to the bench mark forum.


    I'm sorry, but as far as I know and like apollosmith wrote, you can't create a new station in NGS database. If it is not listed in the NGS database you can't report it either to the NGS nor log it on geocaching.com.


    A good idea would be to waymark the mark on Waymarking.com in the benchmark category. But if it is on your private property I'm not sure if you like to see people visiting the site. But that's up to you.


    King Hubi


    That is a goo idea! I will find more poi's to nice trip around town. Thanks! :unsure:

  2. I found a Corp of Engineers Benchmark on my property and I like to add it to the other Benchmark data.


    I've looked on the list (NGS at geocaching.com) for my area and could not find anything around my block.


    So can I add it to the NGS list? :) If so where? :lol:


    What to do with this Benchmark? <_<


    I do have 3 photos of to benchmark to add with the data. :rolleyes:


    Also Im very new to this. So keep your answers simple as you can please. :o



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