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  1. I have found a place for them all and have a team of friends to help me and all park are within 5 miles frome home so I dont thank that it will be a problem to keep up with and im only keeping it up for 6 mounths then going to pick up and ones one person gos to my cache it will open up a new type of cache
  2. yes or no would you do a cache if it was 51 legs?
  3. yea can some one leave ther cashed pay cheak in one just tell me before posting (lol)
  4. I put together a 51 leg cache and need some help what am I going toput them in I just want to know if there is some were i can get some for free or cheap I need about 40 micos and 10 small and one "big BIG" one if any one can help plz do im in austin TX ps and any good prize come to mind
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