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  1. QUOTE (geo_boy_2001 @ Aug 9 2005, 01:49 PM) some of you will remember me saying that I am puting up a 51 stage and i made it its a story kind of like a RPG game with diffent was that you ca go and wepons poshens traps and friendsips has this been done and if so who Some of you will remember me saying that I am putting up a 51-stage cache. I made it, and it's a story, kind of like an RPG with different ways that you can go, and weapons, potions, traps, and friendships. Has this been done, and if so, who has done it? Is THAT what you were trying to say?
  2. has any one done a game in side a cache other than poker
  3. not much but I just started so im not sure
  4. oh well I was thank it was someing to do with witch craft or something along that linesor maybe someone coming home from the store to find a hole in there bag
  5. im not sure but I dont thank that you could bike this path steep and realy rocky
  6. one day when I was cacheing I saw some white power on the ground in a pile and following the path I saw lots of it I followed it till a fork in path and didnt have time to follow at the time so went on my way to the cache it rained the next day so I never found out were it went any one know what ir could be
  7. any one know if I could rig something like that to work with little cost
  8. I was thanking of taking one of those Solar Lights and rig it up in the woods and was also thanking about puting a Motion Sensor on it so when you walk by it the cache is lit up for all to see as if god his self is helping you
  9. what would be a good night cache? have you been to a night cache that you liked? is night cacheing fun to you? have you ever got spooked night cacheing?
  10. I thank that if you dont open it you do not log it and what kind of dog couldnt keep up with a human even up hill and then the dog could have eaten the spider
  11. is there any thing going on in austin in the next few weeks
  12. even if there part of a series say you have 10 caches and you wan them to have and on line log for each one
  13. so your asking if you can make a cache named xxxxx and yyyyy and in side both of them is Naaaaaaaaa and Wbbbbbbbbb that takes you to anther cache or that you have 4 caches and you have to find 3 to get the clues so that you can get to cache 4
  14. funnest cache or funnest thing found in cache you have found
  15. would you rether beable to see it or not see it?
  16. has any one done this one or know how the sub works?
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