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  1. there not only used by those people I like them and would like to keep them
  2. has any one ever made there own way to a cache bushwacking all the way? is it faster? dose it hurt the parks much?
  3. I went to a cache that had two snakes jump out at you when you open it. Have you ever placed or found a joke cache if so did you thank it was funney
  4. what about snakes I found a rattle snake
  5. lets see pics of your funnest cache :
  6. I would like to see any one try to pull it out of the wood
  7. some one sleeping bag right under the cache I dont thank they even knew about it
  8. I thank you can get that spray and hobbystores
  9. cool do you sell those? or just make them for your self.
  10. what do you look for in agood spot when hideing a cache? what are good was to camo it ?
  11. have you ever placed a cache just for one of your friends maybe for a gift or just for fun and if so tell us about it
  12. in night caches there are some caches that you follow refectors to the cache is there any rules about something like that
  13. or a cache where you start with two teams and you make two diffent way to the end the first one there wins but then thay would have to wate there for the other team
  14. how about a 52 card pick up the person with the most cards wins a prize
  15. what if there is water there most of the time but is dryed up for now
  16. I was thanking that I could place 1 to 6 every week or 2 till all of them are out. after all 51 are out wate 12 weeks and bring them in if cachers like it and I didnt get hunted down I would put anther one keeping the story going
  17. what other games are there or do you thank we can make work with caches
  18. ..............................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''""""""""""""
  19. the way you all are going on about this I would be some kind of super hero if I pulled this off and if not would be hunted down. I would not put this much work in to something with out picking some very good sopts and clever ways to make sure that all 51 stay up for as long as I could would any one like to fix this one for me
  20. and cachers seem to like lots of logs and ftfs im sure it will be a rush at first and then take it down after 12 weeks or so
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