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  1. I have seen one in austin that the tree is the container its just a hole in a tree with one item in it you have to bring one a take one andlog on line
  2. $$$$$$$$$$ how much do you get payed? oh you get 50 for the first one a 25 after that well if you do it in one week and if it takes you more that 1 week but less than two weeks you get 18.75 if it takes you 2 weeks or more you get 12.50 money money money
  3. so if want to I could place my cache with a ftf bonus cache and when I go back out to cheack on it i could put anther bonus in side for the next person to find and do this every time I go check on it
  4. only one gift in the cache at all times
  5. it could have a lock and key and have better gifts about $5
  6. do you thank if I made it a 3 mlti cache it would help keep that down
  7. is there any one in austin TX who need a cacheing buddy
  8. "bring a gift" or "happy birthday to me" this cache you have to bring a rapped gift and take one of the gifts in the cache good or bad and why? what would you change?
  9. to put togeather a way for people who want to meet someone in there city to go cacheing with?
  10. thanks for all you help on this cache if you liked it and would like to do one like it fill free to
  11. "Geo_boy_2001's Most exsellant advanture?"
  12. what about "rase the bar" if you thank is was to ez make it harder for the next person
  13. sould I put a prize for the ftf and for the last person to do the cache
  14. I have talked my reviewer and wateing for hime to get back with me about it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- also wanted to know I have alway liked halloween I would like to do something good maybe a walk in the woods at night with some kind of story rateing for 16 and up cachers just for halloween 5 day before or just on the night of 29th fake bat falls from a tree when you open one fake snakes jump out at you for one and something big for the last one any one done this befor? have you seen any thing like this?
  15. I dont know if you could understand me even an english teacher can't
  16. I say we all down for a dip before the clean up starts. what do you say kids!
  17. that would be cool do you know where it was in the wood or out in the open im going for the record
  18. what is the bigest sized cache you have seen? I have seen a 45 gallon rubbermade tub in austin. is there bigger? Is bigger better?
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