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  1. I don't have a Treo either, but I believe it may use the same OS as my Palm T|X. I use a GlobalSat Bluetooth GPS receiver to connect to my T|X that is running CacheMate and Street Atlas Handheld. With the Bluetooth receiver, there are obviously no cables to plug into the Treo and it is advertised to last 17 hours on its rechargeable battery (I know that I've used mine pretty much all day without recharging). I have also been able to get a satellite lock with the thing sitting on the kitchen table with the nearest window being almost 15 feet away. While driving, it stays on my belt with the Palm in a suction cup mount in the corner the windshield ... works great.
  2. Guess this is why I carry maps; electronic or paper. If I can't find out how to get there on my own, I pull out the map. And if I see a No Parking sign, I keep driving. I travel on business occasionally and wouldn't think of driving around without a map. To me, the challenge of finding a parking spot is 100 times more fun than trying to grab the micro in the lamppost without being seen.
  3. I like TAR's idea of giving the owner a checkbox to determine if the new cache should be published immediately or have the server generate an e-mail with a "Publish It" button. However, I would not put the checkbox in the user's profile, but instead put it on the cache submission page. That would allow special caches (such as those for events) to be published at a specific time while the rest are published immediately. As for the FTF's; I agree that it would make little difference if caches were published randomly ... especially around places like here where we only get one or two a week on average (if that).
  4. I don't laugh secretly when someone posts a DNF ... I do it to their face! Especially if it's one that I found quickly. Of course that usually means that my next 3 hunts will end in DNF's. Oh, and yes, I log the DNF's too.
  5. The "caches along a route" suggestion would be my first choice. But if you're looking for a local to give you input on specific caches in the area, try checking out the Geocaching Tour Guides Waymark category to see if there are any listed for the Niagra Falls area.
  6. As wvcoalcat said, welcome to caching in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia! Although I just found the Middle Mtn cache a couple months ago, I don't remember the exact hide (of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most ). I don't remember it being a real tough hide, but these things can be tricky sometimes ... even for a seasoned cacher. As others have mentioned, once you find it, you'll be amazed that you missed it before. I found the first stage of the Bickle's Knob multi a year ago but couldn't find stage two. Then went back this year and didn't have the stage two coordinates in the GPSr still, so we stopped to look at stage one again and this time couldn't find it! ... Even though I swore that I knew exactly where it was! I was eventually able to find the stage two coordinates that I saved on my laptop and we were able to finish the cache, but I was sure that stage one was gone. Now I see that someone else found it less than a month later. Sometimes caches can simply disappear into thin air, only to reappear when you turn your back. Being from Elkins originally, I travel back to the area once every month or so. If I can be of any assistance while in town on my next trip, left me know. Good luck and keep at it!
  7. In my case, it's "selective patience". In the past, I've spent less than a minute looking for certain micros and left. On the other hand, I've spent over 2-1/2 hours in a single trip looking for a regular-size cache in the woods. I've been known to go 45 minutes before ever pulling out the hint. Then again, maybe it's more "stubborn" than "patience".
  8. You might try checking out the Geocaching Tour Guides on Waymarking.com. The tour guides were created to aid cachers in choosing and/or finding caches in a given area. I'm listed as a tour guide for the northcentral WV area ... there may be one near Smith Mtn Lake that could help you out. Keith
  9. Any news on this problem? I've been having the same problem and can't figure out which HTML file is causing it.
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