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  1. After reading so many posts regarding the 60CX/60CSX I was curious whether anyone has evaluated the 76CX/76CSX?
  2. Hey Binrat, do you know if they make one of those lanyards that work with the GPSMap 76 series??
  3. Just be aware that some state forbid attaching anything to your windshield. Would hate to add the cost of the ticket to the "accessories".
  4. Things look OK for me (Zip 60187).
  5. Do you have MapSource loaded? If so, it is easy. Connect your unit, from MapSource Select the Icon at the top of your screen that indicated "Receive From Device" (Up Arrow). Once MapSource detects your unit you can choose to upload any combination of Maps, Waypoints, Routes and Tracks. It will take just a few seconds.
  6. Agree, Well Said. Maybe the caches I have found have been "low traffic" caches and I haven't seen the effects of heavily visited caches. However I can certainly understand where there would be cause for concern. I too, want these places to be there and accessible years and years from now.
  7. Thanks for that sage bit of advice baloo&bd. Noted.
  8. I understand THE PROCESS. And what a process it is. What I am looking for is what can be done to loosen the constraints set the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County that will encourage geocachers to utilize these areas.
  9. ILAdmin can you provide me with any info regarding working with the Forest Preserve District of Duage County (IL)?
  10. I agree with Neo Geo, but if you don't intend on doing a lot of Geocaching and you are really set on this unit, check out this place: $399.00 with Auto Kit. http://gpsworldsupply.com http://gpsworldsupply.com/gps_world_supply...um=010-00264-00
  11. Another advantage of that particular version of MetroGuide is that it will autoroute. The current version will not... and yes you are correct that it is really good in rural areas.
  12. That is exactly correct SixDogTeam! One of the aspects of Geocaching that attracted me was the freedom that it offered. It was an activity that was self governed and self monitored. An activity not encumbered by a bunch of bureaucratic red tape and “silly, childish” regulations. And as far as I am aware, it is a system that is working quite well, with the exception of a few incidents from misinformed people (both private and law enforcement) and perhaps, the occasional placement of a cache on private land. However, as a whole I would think that Forest Preserve Districts and Parks would welcome Geocachers rather than discourage them. As a group we are probably amongst the few who are truly concerned about the well being of nature and the proper maintenance of the property, hence the Cache In Trash Out (CITO). Again, a self initiated, voluntary program to leave the lands better than we found it. Ok, ILAdmin, maybe there are 6 (less the Virtual) Official Caches in Forest Preserve District of DuPage County… 1 every 4000 acres. Not a very encouraging ratio . I have corresponded with you a couple of times regarding this issue. Maybe you could help me understand exactly how I would go about working with the Preserve District of DuPage County.
  13. Well, not to be too negative, but the numbers seem to prove my point. With only 2 “Official” Geocaches in the entire 24,000+ acres of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, evidently their policies have greatly discouraged Geocachers. Clearly most people are finding the regulations to be more trouble than they are worth. Even though the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County has some of the best areas for Geocaching in DuPage County (obviously where I live), these areas are being avoided. It seems to me, that maybe the rules could be modified to make things more appealing for the Geocachers.
  14. Yeah OK, I would agree with you there CenTexDodger... Chevy v Chevy. My vote still goes for the additional memory. But I think that it is going to get even more competitive with the release of the Cx series.
  15. I have been using the GPSMap 76C for some time now for Hunting/Fishing and recently Geocaching. I don't really understand the issues of the additional size of the 76C. The actual physical size difference seems relatively small; 6.1 x 2.4 x 1.3 for the 60C and 6.2 x 2.7 x 1.4 for the 76C, and maybe an ounce of weight. For my purposes the additional memory (115mb v 56mb) took precedence. I hunt and fish in multiple states and it is great to be able to load up the unit with all maps and routes that I need and not have to be skimpy them. Also, with all of the other gear that I carry, that extra ounce didn’t seem to matter much. And so continues the Chevy-Ford debate.
  16. Will the unit still have the base 115mb + the card? Or will the card replace all memory?
  17. For those interested, here is a link to the follow-up letter that I sent to the ILAdmin: http://my.inil.com/~dcs/DuPageGeocache3.htm DuPage Geocache 3 Ok, Stunod, I will check out your page. Thanks for the tip.
  18. Not really trying to kill the messenger here, just trying to figure how to go about making a change. I realize that the ILAdmin is not the one who instututed these rules, but figured he might have more pull or access to the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County than me, one Geocacher who is frustrated with the regulations. If we all just give in and accept these rules more will probably come. If we unite and work with th FPD maybe we can get the rules changed. Maybe something like a "Certification" for Cachers... once a person is Educated or Certified he/she will be able to place caches without going through all of the steps for each cache that they place. Just thinking out loud here, but I think we need to look for alternatives that work for both groups. Please follow the link to the letter I wrote.
  19. I have read the rules regarding Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, and it truly seems to me as though they are trying to discourage Geocaching within their boundaries. Sure they say they welcome it, but based on the extensive list of parameters that must be met; I wonder how many Geocachers are really going to be interested in going through with it. Have you really read all of the rules? I attempted to place 2 caches within the boundaries (prior to being aware of these policies) and was contacted by the ILAdmin about the proper steps necessary to have my caches approved. Having read through them, I declined. I went back out and retrieved my caches. Here is a link (for anyone interested) to the letter that I sent to the ILAdmin: http://my.inil.com/~dcs/DuPageGeocache.htm IV A states: Container must be a clear (see through), waterproof or sealable container with a size no greater than 4”x8”x12”. No Camo, no ammo boxes, not 35mm film canisters, not hide-a-key… Keep reading the regulations. BartlettGoonies, you posted earlier that you had placed a cache recently and the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County crew were professional and helpful. I am truly glad to hear that. Are you getting ready to go visit you cache THIS WEEK? You should be. According to regulations “Section V, part B: B. The Geocache shall be checked at least every 30 days. Proof of check will be by E-mail, letter, or personal communication of the Geocache owner to the Designated District Geocache Coordinator. And mark off you calendar for NEXT MONTH and the FOLLOWING MONTH and EVERY MONTH you plan on keeping that cache active. Heaven forbid a Geocacher place a couple of caches in fairly remote areas. He will not have any time to find new caches, only spend his time uselessly checking his own cache status and reporting back to the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County. I am open to input, insight, enlightenment, or solutions regarding this issue.
  20. I agree with Tahoe Skier5000. And in addition to that, what would the battery life of the unit be... a couple of hours. You would need a pocket full batteries for a weekend expedidtion.
  21. Well, then, let me ask this... would a current Topo be more accurate/detailed than my MG4... how often does a lake or river need updating? Would it be worth the price or would I not be gaining much??
  22. On Ebay right now... Buy It Now: Item number: 5798293643 $158.75 Or if that is not the model you are looking for be patient and you will probably be able to come up a good deal on other models.
  23. I have MetroGuide 4 and CitySelect 6. I have found that even though MG4 is quite a bit older, that in rural areas (at least that ones that I have traveled to), it is more detailed than CS6. Here are two screen shots of the same area of a river that I fish in North Carolina. MG4 makes it a bit easier. So, I pick an choose maps based on the location and sometimes overlap them. Here is the CitySelect 6 Here is the MetroGuide 4
  24. I have a Garmin GPSMap76C, MetroGuide 4 and City Select 6 software. I have loaded several maps for varying areas from each MG4 and CS6, and in some cases overlapped them. I think I understand that in the areas where they overlap, CS6 will be take priority over MG4… correct? I have a couple of questions: 1. Is there an easy way to tell which map is being used for any given area? As I move around to different caches I may cross from one map to the other… how can I tell which is being displayed or utilized? 2. I understand that I can “force” MG4 over CS6 for an area if I choose, but how do accomplish this? I hope that I have explained this clearly enough to get an answer….
  25. I figured out the missing step.
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