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  1. Perhaps Al Gore could explain it to him since he did invent the Internet!
  2. I am from the same school of thought as you, (lee_rimar). I have both the Garmin 76C and the 76Cx. I have a couple of compasses that I keep in my pack or pocket that are more accurate than the one on the GPSr, plus I never need to recalibrate them or replace the battery. The barometric pressure was of no value to me. If it were, I would have a unit designed specifically for that purpose. I see many posts where people are complaining about recalibration and accuracy of the compass on their GPSr. But, people keep buying them. Maybe they think because they spent more money they are getting a better unit (?). Go figure.
  3. It looks to me like you have the choice to download them individually from the Garmin Site. It seems that with WebUpdater you have to run it twice to be sure that you have received all the available updates. On this page you can select which one or both you want to choose.
  4. Are POI's more up to date than CN7 or are they basically the same? The smaller map sizes are not important to me, but updated POI and highways are.
  5. Have both the 76C and the 76Cx. I have been extremely happy with both units, especially the 76Cx. the 76Cx consistantly gets great reception even under heavy cover. I too liked the "boxy" form better and the placement of the buttons.
  6. Here is some information: Pro: http://www.travmed.com/trip_prep/insect_permethrin.htm Con: http://www.organicconsumers.org/clothes/llbean20805.cfm
  7. Or if you are feeling brave: Shock Proof your Garmin http://www.instructables.com/ex/i/47E0A588...6B001143E7E506/
  8. One of the reasons for the long delay is that once you do get them on the phone they will stay with you until you have your question answered or problem resolved. Last time I called I had several questions for them, and I was on the line for over an hour. Never once did I get the feeling that I was being rushed so that they could move on to the next call. Sure the 30 minute wait seems like a long time, but it was well worth it in the end.
  9. Nevermind... Uninstalled WebUpdater and reinstalled. Ran twice as instructed and now have 2.70 and 2.50.
  10. Is this true for the 76Cx as well? I have run the Updater, and I have 2.70 but still only 2.40. I am I missing something?
  11. PhntmArcher

    60c Price?

    GPSWorldSupply $325 - Only 1 Left In Stock. GPS World Supply
  12. I don't know anyone selling MetroGuide 4.01 right now, but I can check with a couple of people... but I wouldn't expect them to sell. Sorry to hear about your EBay trouble, but that might still be one of your best sources.
  13. Yes, MetroGuide 4.01 does AutoRoute! It was the only NorthAmerican version of MetroGuide that did. And, no it does not require a Key Code. I personally find it to be better than City Select in some areas of the country.
  14. I, like Olar, find that less is better. Especially regarding street names. I leave off any designator such as North, East etc and only input the actual street name and let the unit find the rest. It may return several, and then scroll and find the correct one.
  15. However, there is one version of MetroGuide (MG 4) that will AutoRoute. Although it is a bit older it works quite well and at times I prefer it to CitySelect 7.
  16. Geez Didjerrydo, try the Decafe. Garmin can't win with some people. If they release an update, even a Beta, people complain that it is Beta. If they wait to include additional fixes within the update people complain that it is taking too long. I am happy to get the fixes as they resolve them. If I can’t get the whole loaf, I will certainly take a couple of slices. I completely agree with SandyGarrity. In the IT world 1 month is certainly not a long time… how long do we have to wait for Microsoft to come out with some their “fixes”?
  17. I had the exact same scenario with my 76Cx on Sunday. I had a route plotted that included a couple of waypoints (One for the North bound lanes of the Expressway, and one for the South bound). I had created them right next to each other. During my trip, as I passed my waypoint for the North bound lanes, the unit directed me to get off at the next exit – routing me to the waypoint for the South bound lanes. It continued to tell me to exit at every exit for the next 15 miles, until it finally gave up and continued on the route.
  18. Thank you very much. I had searched the Garmin site and could not find that page. Thanks again.
  19. Recently installed Garmin Topo and I was wondering if there was a Legend for all of the Icons that are listed. I have searched the forums but could not come up with one.
  20. I also thought that it was fairly useful (for my 76Cx). I would much rather get several "smaller" fixes than to wait an extended period of time to get "THE" fix which address every possible known issue. Clearly some things will be easier to fix than others, so let's get those out of the way and enjoy those, while Garmin works on the bigger, more difficult issues. And from the sounds of it, some of the "issues" may not ever get fixed. By the looks of things, we may not get back the alarm clock. I, personally, am impressed (and thankful) that they released this firmware update as quickly as they did.
  21. Hey, what's with the color satellite bars (and satellites)?
  22. Hey GeoidPS where did you find this information?
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