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  1. What is the best way to ignore all caches from a particular hider? I figure in can do it in GSAK but was wondering if there are any other ideas or methods out there to do this.
  2. Our Reviewer in VA watches the cache after it is published until someone finds it. Just to make sure things are legit with the cache. That may be whats happening.
  3. Thanks!!! You have saved us lots of time. BTW... Should I have received a email from your mailing list for this update? I never received. But happy non the less. Thanks again
  4. Agree. But maybe a list of the reported bugs should be on the first page for people to view. Maybe with a quick status on them. Something like researching/fixed/Not addressed yet. Just thinking out loud here. It would give people some info which may prevent duplicate reports and customers who think you aren't doing anything. Just a thought
  5. I just returned home from a 2.5 month trip in Singapore to find out that someone out there has shamed the hobby. I am upset that some people out there think this kind of thing is ok. I made it a puzzle so that there was some reward at the end and Members Only. I collected these coins so others can come and spend some time in a great area and discover some really nice coins or take them if they wanted. And many people seemed to have enjoyed that. As the owner of the cache and the owner of 5 coins that also went missing, all I can do is say I feel for you. However, lets not confuse this with any admission of guilt. That solely lies with the one who took them.
  6. Anyone know where i can get this verison of the software? The Home site is down and the mirror site only has 1.3. Thanks
  7. Mine too havent run yet. and they typical are completed by 7 am est.
  8. That doesnt mean it still shouldnt be protected.
  9. RSS doesnt send anything out but creates a file on the site for a reader to goto and read. ummmm - when it gets "read" - that is information being sent somewhere...... I think we are sayinig the same thing. RSS is on demand rather than a push to all which is what i thought you meant.
  10. Hiding a cache is as much a part of the game as is finding.
  11. RSS doesnt send anything out but creates a file on the site for a reader to goto and read.
  12. This has already been discussed before but here goes. RSS feeds are excellent for websites like News websites, Blogs, and Forums. When a new story, article or post is posted it is then sent to all the subscribers. Some websites have categories (World, Local, Late Breaking, Food, Investment, etc) an RSS feed is need for each category. RSS was developed to distribute posts from a relatively small number of categories to a large number of subscribers. How to apply this to a website like Geocaching.com. Since Geocaching.com is world wide and not everyone cares when someone logs a cache that isn't in their home area then there will need to be more than one category. Do you divide the world up in to cities? What about large cities? Do you divide the city up even further while also providing a whole city feed? What about rural areas? What about areas that are divided by natural boundaries like rivers, lakes, and mountains? That is a lot of categories and we haven't even gotten to some of the sub-categories like division by cache type, terrain, difficulty, etc. Now how many people will actually sign up for the RSS feeds. In the citys maybe a few hundred but most likely when you average everything out the RSS feed to subscriber ratio will be very low when compared to other websites. Will RSS work for a website like Geocaching.com? I don't see why not. Is RSS an efficient way of aggregating new cache notifications and new cache logs. No, not by a long shot. RSS is efficient at sending occasional posts from a small number of categories to a large number of subscribers. RSS totally sucks at sending a large number of posts in a large number of categories to a small number of subscribers. Which is the situation you have at Geocaching.com. RSS WILL work for the situations I've outlined above. Namely: 1. Someone wants an RSS feed for a specific geocache. 2. Someone wants an RSS feed for caches they have found. It would be on a request only basis, which would make it a small number of categories to a small number of users. The feeds can be generated on the fly. E.g. something like: http://SomeURL.com/RSS.aspx?User=MyUserName or http://SomeURL.com/RSS.aspx?Cache=MyCahceCode No need to generate one for every person, and every cache - only those few who are interested in blogging them, or posting their activity on a website. From a realworld point of view, someone's list of caches isn't much different from someone's blog. They might make one or two entries per week. Individiual Caches - same thing - although the busier caches might get one or two entries per day. I agree the 2 above reason are more valid then what your are talking about Glenn. This would also be a fix to that My Friends feature also.
  13. How about we discuss the merit of the idea then? Because I think it is a brilliant idea.
  14. I can't stand it when cnn.com and amazon.com have the gall to make changes to their site without consulting with me first. I mean, who the heck to they think they are making those changes without asking ME? From now on, anytime Groundspeak makes changes they should run it through a new committee to be formed of all the geocachers in the world. If and when we ok the change, then Groundspeak can feel free to implement the change on the timetable that works best for the geocachers on that committee. I fail to see how this item can possibly detract from your ability to enjoy geocaching. Sorry Chilehead but you need to read my post again. I didnt say they should run any of their changes by their customers but rather tell their customers when they plan on implementing them. Its not hard to say " Hey, on friday we are going to doing such and such." Last week a change was made to the site and immediately the forum started getting posts from users. The changes were than reversed. Whether the change was planned or if they were playing with code on production servers i dont know but if it was the previous than my above point remains. If it is the later, well than that would be another issue.
  15. IMHO, Unfortunately, that is the problem. Making changes without informing your customer base is not wise business practice. I understand they are working on new code and such but when they do implement it the customers will be informed first.
  16. New Cache notifications arent working either.
  17. That would be extremely helpful. I also think we should be able to bookmark other bookmark lists.
  18. 1. GPS - Left it on the roof of the car after a cache. 2. My sanity. 3. The wife if im not careful!!
  19. Download this GSAK macro. http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=1629
  20. Thought it would help those who travel to an area for some time to add a section for away coordinates. You could toggle from your more permanent Home coordinates to away coordinates. This would keep you from losing your home coordinates every time you travel or having to re-add them every time after every trip. I travel quite a bit and like to stay informed on new listings and such in the area im traveling to.
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