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  1. It'll be quite a while before we'll be able to take a trip like that (especially considering how much we spend on geocoins )! So, for now, we'll just have to be happy with the cute little frogs and toads we find around here: Oh, and of course, the couple of V1 coins we reserved!
  2. Is the house on fire or is that all lights ? Now THAT is obsessive! And pretty cool, too!
  3. Well, I think I'll stick to the traditional right-side-up tree, but that's still pretty cool!
  4. Holy smokes! How'd you do that?! Ok, I'm inspired! There will be 2 coins given away. One by random drawing, and a second coin will go to the one my kids pick as their favorite! CinemaBoxers will be tough to beat!
  5. My first personal geocoin will be in my hot little hands in about 2 weeks! (See pictures in post #23 of my coin thread.) I've been trying to come up with an idea for my first cointest. I just found Damenace's cointest for outside Christmas decorations, and since Christmas is my favorite holiday, I decided to do the inside decorations cointest! Decorate your tree and post your pictures here. Cointest will run through Christmas Day. Winner will be selected the morning of December 26th by random drawing. Edited to add: A second coin will be given to the tree/picture my kids pick as their favorite!
  6. I have tried repeatedly to order these, I never received an email saying they were available again and I just tried to order and they still say sold out. Thought they were making more, anyone know if they willopen orders again? Nothing is mentioned on their web page, just went through the whole order process and then it won't finish becasue they are not avail. argh!!! They're supposed to be in the shop again on November 21st.
  7. Chris at Landsharkz is going to tweek it a little, but the icon will look something like this!
  8. You won't be able to remake this coin too many times - pretty soon there won't be any metal left! Ouch!
  9. My Allendale Farm coins arrived yesterday, and they're very nice. Reused the mailer, and shipped one off to my mom!
  10. Just got word that these coins should be in my hands around December 6th. Again, I'll send invoices out just a few days before that, so I can have packaging ready to ship immediately!
  11. That would be what occurs to copper after it has been exposed to the elements. I have to tell you that I have been thinking of a way to make a coin and age it so it is green. Is this possible to do prior to selling? Ah, a chemist's trade. If anyone likes it, it can be done to the copper ones Brush the coin (with fine steel wool or the like) and wrap it in a vinegar soaked paper towel. The entire surface will be green after soaking/drying over a couple days and then buff away at the parts you want to be shiny. Uh, yeah, that probably sounds like a better idea than the flux!
  12. I do stained glass work. When doing repair work, I often use copper pennies underneath the stained glass panels, and the copper pennies turn green after being exposed to soldering flux. Of course, I never end up cleaning the pennies, so the green happens pretty quickly, probably within a few weeks. After they've turned green, I can wash them in soap and water, and the green stays. And that, folks, is the extent of my chemistry (?) lesson for today!
  13. On a similar note, I recently bought a bumper sticker that says: Found cache, lost car!
  14. We have a local who (besides also enjoying finding caches without his GPS) occasionally writes: TN Left DNA (those saw palmettos in Florida will getcha everytime)!
  15. Thank you to all those who have reserved my coins! I still have some left! I should be getting the estimated ship date soon.
  16. Sex of baby: Girl Date: November 26th (my son, ConnorCacher's birthday) Time: 4:37pm Weight: 7 lbs. 4 oz. Length: 18.75" Congratulations! Children certainly are a blessing (though sometimes in disguise)! Best wishes to Moun10Girl for a smooth and easy labor and delivery!
  17. That bag from the PO is actually called a "body bag". Really! And the actions of the one who shipped that coin are totally irresponsible and lacking in common sense. Hope someone learns something from this thread!
  18. Don't think you'll have to worry about reaching 250 on these! They're a wonderful design, and a great idea!
  19. I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek of the entire picture. They are the most beautiful coins I've ever seen! You will be simply amazed! (Sorry, not giving out any hints!)
  20. I agree. I ADORE Chris Mackey's FTF coins, have a couple in my collection. But when I saw this one come up, the similarity to the eyes in the FTF coin never entered my mind. (Actually, I forgot the FTF coin had eyes, because they are so subtle.) I was only wishing the eye in this one was blue, like my kids' eyes! And the back (thank goodness it's finally been revealed) is wonderful. It's the whole reason I take my kids caching! LOVE the design and the message!
  21. Three little butterflies flew down to Florida today. They are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!
  22. Oh my gosh, I missed this thread entirely ... what a beautiful coin. Thanks for making more! Yes, thank you for making more. I couldn't decide how many to order, then missed out completely! Will you be making more pins, too? I'd love to be able to order additional pins.
  23. Great idea for a contest! Ok, so here's my 2 cents. I'd send out the real coin. Just drill a hole in it and attach a travel buddy tag and a mission. Definitely think the kids should be in the pictures to qualify. And, I agree with 007BigD, make the prize geo-related: a coin, TB tags, geo-pins, ... Again, great idea for a contest! Hope to see it travel down to Florida!
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