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  1. WOW! That's a ton of ornaments and a ton and a half of lights! I'd hate to have to take them down Thanks for a fun contest and showing off your beautiful trees!
  2. Hi Hanna! Welcome, and happy birthday! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  3. I am almost positive I filled out a reservation form, but I didn't get an invoice. I sent you an email and I filled out the reservation form again. Thanks! Email reply sent! I still didn't get your email I dont know why, I have never had problems with my email before... I am sending you an alternate email address to try. Alternate email sent!
  4. I am almost positive I filled out a reservation form, but I didn't get an invoice. I sent you an email and I filled out the reservation form again. Thanks! Email reply sent!
  5. Beautiful trees! Here are my guesses: Traditional = 237 Artificial = 162 Total combined = 399 Total lights = 600 Thanks for the fun contest!
  6. 9.5° F ..... WAG from another toasty warm Florida cacher! (I think it's supposed to get down to a chilly 64° F here tonight!)
  7. Been offline for a few days, so I just wanted to post an update. Friday I was able to track down which fedex office my coins were stuck at, and I rescued them! All paid orders have been shipped! I have a couple of outstanding invoices, I will send out reminders later today. Anyone else interested in purchasing my coins can use the order form, or just contact me directly through my profile. Thank you again to all who have ordered!
  8. Whoo hoo! Tracking info shows my coins arrived in Orlando, Florida, today so they should be here in Melbourne tomorrow! Yippeee!
  9. Just found this thread, and HAD to read every reply! Thanks for the cointest, and thanks to all those with creative answers! Gave me a good laugh this morning!
  10. MommyFinder

    new cointest!

    Francesca and Machiavelli Yes, pictures please!
  11. All invoices have been sent out! Please let me know if you reserved coins, but didn't receive an invoice. And thank you to those who have paid so quickly! As soon as they're in, your coins will be shipped just as quickly!
  12. Sending out invoices now. Please note, my PayPal account is in my business name, Beyond The Looking Glass. So, that's who the invoices will be coming from! Thank you again to those who have placed orders!
  13. Snow? What's snow? It's getting down into the 50s (F) here at night, and that's cold enough for me! Edit to add: Ok, I actually do have a snow story. Many, many (many) years ago I was going to school in Atlanta. In February of that year, it snowed 4 inches one day, and 3 inches the next. I guess they're not used to snow in Atlanta, because it shut down the city. Classes were cancelled for the week. Kids were pulling down street signs, and using them to slide down the icy hills of the campus. I borrowed gloves from my roommate (cotton, bad idea). And a bunch of us went out on the overpass over the interstate to see all the cars just sitting in that big parking lot. I think some drivers got mad when some of us started throwing down snow balls. Hmm. Oh, and when I was a kid growing up in Jacksonville, FL, it sort of snowed one year! We all went outside and tromped around on the thin white layer on the grass. And we were able to scrape enough snow off my parents cars to make 1 snow ball. I don't remember how long it lasted in my parents freezer..... And that is the extent of my experience with snow!
  14. Whoo hoo! Just got notice, my coins are on their way to me right now! I should have them in hand by next Friday. I'll start sending out invoices on Sunday night, so I can get some of the packaging ready to ship as soon as they arrive! Thank you to all who have ordered! I still have some left. Anyone interested can order here: Order Coins
  15. One is trackable, one is not. I was wondering how the difference got to be $2.50, instead of $1.50. But, the description notes that one is not trackable. FYI $1.50 tracking number, $1.00 for the icon?
  16. Congrats icydove, and thanks tsun for another interesting cointest!
  17. Whoo hoo, direct deposit showed up this morning, so I immediately paid my invoice (I know, pretty sad).
  18. Hey, look at me! It's post #3! (Boy, it must be getting late!)
  19. Zippidy-doo, it's post #2!
  20. Just got back on the forums tonight, and I think I found this one in time. So, I nominate: || \/
  21. I went to order just pins, and shipping for 6 pins is $6.59! Shipping for 6 coins AND 6 pins is only $4.79. Would someone at Oakcoins please check the shipping calculator?!
  22. Here are the icons submitted to Groundspeak: And the latest word is, everything is still on schedule for me to receive the coins on or about December 6th!
  23. This sounds like the best idea to me. You could also perhaps have the tail number engraved on your coin. So as not to confuse it with the tracking number, either use the whole thing (YU <tracking number removed by moderator>) or just the last part (0477). Just another thought.....
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