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  1. Not fine if it's MY coin sitting in the cache for months on end because no one will visit the cache or because no one takes it as they have no trade. It's being held prisoner and that's just not fair to the owner of the traveler! A very smart person clued me in on this after being shown all wrong from the beginning. Not OT, but my experience: I don't even bother with TBs or coins because of the hassles involved now. Many TBs/coins are put out w/o any instruction as to mission or direction it's going included with the traveler...when I come to a cache with TBs, I just leave them be unless it's obvious to me the travelers have been there too long. If I were to pick up a TB/coin and move it w/o bringing up the traveler's page, I might irk the owner by taking it the wrong direction. Anymore, it's a lose/lose situation and it has taken all the fun from TBs/coins for me...so no more moving them (even though I had been high up on the trader list myself at one time). Also, if I visit a cache and drop the traveler off and it sits there, I feel guilty (even if it's just a regular cache). My coins are to travel...I might put missions on them and HOPE they make it to their destination (and some actually do), but I'm not going to get upset about the coins going the wrong way either (as has happened to one of my MICHIGAN coins which is now traveling other states). I just want to see them travel and read the stories. This isn't the case with some and some really take their travelers too serious. Just as the traveler might get lost, it might be taken the wrong way...deal with it, get over it, be glad it IS moving and enjoy the extended tour! Gotcher coin right down here in Florida! Just picked it up this morning! Nice big ol' travel bug page explaining it's mission - "please keep me in Michigan". Ha ha! Guess some folks don't even read the goals when they're right in front of their faces! Oh, well, I'll keep it moving anyway (though no where near Michigan - too dang cold outside of Florida)!
  2. Walked outside my office and watched the shuttle launch today. Have to agree with Okiebryan. Bad, Bad Frog.
  3. ummm wait till you see the postage. i have asked ifthey can investigateabetterrate than the one i was qouted. As is often the case, shipping from one country to another can be expensive. And, as usual, combining orders may be the answer. To order one coin in the US, the coin cost is $7.37US and shipping is $6.90US, for a total of $14.27 for one coin. BUT, if I order 3 coins, the shipping is $9.60US, which brings it down to $3.20 per coin for shipping, for a total cost of $10.57 per coin shipped. Really not that bad! (Though, I did not look into the cost to ship to Oz!)
  4. Good tradition! They made me smile.
  5. I still have tears in my eyes from that one!!! We found a racoon skull while caching, and even picked up some of the teeth that had fallen out. It now sits on the window sill in my kitchen!
  6. Yippee! Found a manatee! Really cool collage, neat idea!
  7. OH MY GOSH! Just got home from work, and found a "to me, from me" padded mailer in my mailbox. I have also been blessed with the GeoForce!!! I feel so honored to receive this coin. I got #74. We don't have the lego's, though my nephew must have them all. But, we do have all 6 movies! Thank you so much Geocaching Jedi!!
  8. Whoo hoo! Time to stalk the mailman !
  9. They were shipping them just before Christmas. I got mine a few days after Christmas. The front was my design!!! It's an old world style Santa, with a few wild animals (deer, bunny, bird). The back is a snow scene. Really pretty coin! Sorry, I haven't taken any pictures of it.
  10. I think it has something to do with the cost of tea in China?
  11. Mrs. Shop99er answered a few days ago, when she found out she was a winner. Waiting to hear back. Sent you an email last week, and replied to today's email. Please let me know if you didn't receive my emails! Your coin went out this morning! Thank you again to all who played. The pictures were wonderful!
  12. Oh, ToriExplorer (10 yrs) just LOVES to draw (and she's pretty good at it, too). I'll definitely get her to enter this contest. What fun!
  13. How bout making the toybox an ammo can?? Naomi I actually have a cache called Toy Box 2 (the original Toy Box cache was stolen - go figure). It's one of those mondo ammo cans, where the lid comes off, and it has handles on both sides. I think that would look cool for a kids' coin. And kids of all ages love it!
  14. We have a small (but growing) caching group down here called SCGA (Space Coast Geocachers Association). At Christmas time, the head of the group contacted the local school board, and got the names of 3 local families with lists of children, their ages, and the family's needs. They put together an event and raised over $500 plus additional donated items (like a bike and mp3 players). They used the cash to buy gifts and gift cards, then personally delivered the items to the families. Kudos to Dale n Barb for arranging everything, and to the group for their generous donations! (An administrator from the school board contacted Dale after Christmas, and all the families were overwhelmed and very grateful.) The SCGA plans to make this an annual event!
  15. I really like the way these TB's pages are set up, and I thoroughly enjoyed Maw's story! Wonderful tributes, Jesse.
  16. Your trees are just gorgeous, you deserved to win... (even if you did get the edge by adding that precious little puppy in there, hehehehehe!) Merry Christmas and be safe offshore! Naomi Well, I must admit, Naomi's right! ToriExplorer's a sucker for the puppies! That's part of the reason I let her get away with more than one winner, tried to give everyone a fair chance! Don't forget to send your address before you head offshore!
  17. Well, there are so many nice trees and Christmas villages out there, it was really tough for ToriExplorer to pick a favorite! She started out with 8 finalists and I told her she had to narrow it down to a list of 3. She narrowed it down to 4, but refused to knock anyone else off the list! So, the 4 winners of the favorites contest are (drum roll, please): woodduck870 CinemaBoxers Shop99er Laval K-9 ConnorCacher picked out the winner for the random drawing, post #59: GPX Navigators Please send me your snail mail addresses and metal preferences, and I'll get these out this week. Thanks to everyone who played!
  18. Decorations have been up since the 2nd, but I didn't take pictures till a few nights ago. Hope I'm not too late!
  19. Ok, so maye I'm a little neurotic. We can't go the entire unwrapping session without me grabbing a few handfuls of paper and squashing them into small balls. But, I'm also crazy about taking lots of pictures. So, here's one with some of the mess still strewn about! (That's ConnorCacher and ToriExplorer.)
  20. Mine came today, just in time for Christmas! Kinda curious what everyone thinks about the design (on the Santa side).....
  21. Wow! Lots of beautiful trees out there. The random drawing will be easy, but picking the kids' favorite is going to be tough! One more day to post pictures, as we'll be picking winners sometime Wednesday morning. Thanks for all the entries!
  22. Having never received a mystery coin before, when this thread came out, I read the posts, but then began ignoring the thread all together. I'm not real popular, not really well-known. I've done a few good deeds now and again, but nothing compared to the generosity of others out here. I'll never receive one of these coins. Then on Saturday, I went to check the mail, and found one of those often mentioned to-me-from-me mailers with a smeared postmark. OMG! Can it really be? I gently opened the package, and out slid the cutest little stocking coin, with the blue-glittery trim! Thank you so much SCC! I feel truly honored to display your coin in my collection! Merry Christmas everyone!
  23. What a great idea for a cointest! There are some really yummy sounding recipes in here, and I'm going to be copying down plenty of them! I was going to post my fabulous sweet potato casserole recipe, but it appears tsun beat me to the punch! So, my next favorite recipe follows: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies 1/2 cup oil 2 cups sugar 4 eggs 2 tsp vanilla 1/2 tsp salt 4 squares unsweetened chocolate, melted 2 cups flour 2 tsp baking powder 1 cup confectioner's sugar Mix oil, chocolate, sugar. Blend in one egg at a time until well mixed. Add vanilla. Stir in salt, flour, baking powder. Chill overnight. Drop tsp of dough into confectioner's sugar. Roll around and shape into balls. Place 2" apart on greased baking sheet. Bake 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees (F).
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