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  1. All my coins have arrived at last. Thanks to all for the trade an especially to kdv.
  2. I received your coins some days ago and sent you a confirmation per email (at least I think I did ).
  3. All coins mailed this morning. Now the waiting begins. Thanks to Katja and all who participated in the math trade.
  4. It its as Castleman wrote in his posting: Normally this coins are delivered in a small plastic bag with a paper slip that shows the activation code. So I think, the guy who sold the coin to you should have the code. I don't think the shop will be of any help. Some years ago I had lost the activation codes on one of my coins. I send an e-mail to Groundspeak and asked for the code. They were very helpful then.
  5. Sorry to read this. Your coins went to the mailbox together with all the others more then two weeks ago. Hope you will receive them soon.
  6. Lucky you. I had six packages to the United States and Australia. Each one cost me 7,80 Euro, thats 11,43 USD
  7. I will post my coins tomorrow. Thanks to Brady for this great job. Now the waiting begins for the envelopes to arrive
  8. Now its april already. What about an update?
  9. Still not receiving any mails.
  10. The coin you've identified as "Regions of Germany" is a "Germany Geocoin". The "Regions of Germany"-coins will have a somewhat different icon.
  11. I have a similar page...you can find the names of most icons here. The ones with the * I have not seen on anyone's profile, so I the name might vary from what I have listed. It is complete as of last week. Geocaching Icons Nr. 423 will be "Geocaching - All In One Geocoin"
  12. doc256


    PayPal'd for 2 LE and 5 Regulars. Thank you!
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