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  1. I bought it and it works perfectly. The cable powers the unit so you can use it in NMEA mode on your laptop and not have to worry about batteries. And when you plug it into your computer to transfer data. I just use free programs like g7towin and gpsutility to download waypoints and tracks. The low end explorist beats out the low end garmins on reception.
  2. elcud

    Explorist 500

    The explorist line (even the lowest end 100) has amazing reception. It can track under the seat of my car,even in my glove compartment, and in my pocket. I ran test in these areas. The best reception I have gotten was of 12-13 satt. WAAS. Accuracy of down to 7 feet. Keep in mind that the explorist line has very modern technology compared the etrex line. On my 100: Only wish that there was a way to always turn the tracklog off or on, adjust the intervals for the track long (it only has auto), and dont like the fact that it connects from when you lost reception to where you regained (results in long straight lines on your maps) But besides these things, it is a wonderful gpsr.
  3. elcud

    First Timer

    I have the explorist 100 and the pc cable to download/upload from pc-mobile. The explorist have a much stronger reception compared to the old black and white etrexes. This is because it has a newer patch antenna technology than the etrexes. It holds its lock better. It is as basic as the etrex yellow but better on reception. It's reception is comparable to the etrex color line. This can be seen on the forumshere or at this site. Link is on the thread This 100 is a great unit from my experience. I do not need all the extras of the higher end units. I just use my gps reciver for geocaching, tracking my travel, measuring exercise distance, and telling people the approximate time that we will get to grandma house (ETA). If you want to get extras, go with the more advanced features of the explorist line (210 or 400 +) or etrex line (color)
  4. elcud

    Explorist 100

    I bought the cable from pc-mobile.net works awsome. I can download/upload tracks and waypoints just like its bigger brothers can. It is a pretty basic unit. I dont need all the other extras. But for only $100 for the unit and cable, how can you complain. Does everything I want-superior reception and download/upload ablilty. Which it came in a darker color so it would not stand out so much. That is just a cosmetic flaw for me. PERFORMANCE is everything. One thing that I REALLY love is the ablility to put the spoiler/hint/clue in the message area of the waypoint! I can put up to 30 characters for the container and hint.
  5. elcud

    Explorist Line

    What type of antenna does the explorist line have? I know it is a patch type, but it seems to be much better than the old etrex line of antenna. My 100 gets more sats.(in a open area, i can get a strong lock onto 7 satt), locks on much longer, gets locks onto the satt in places the old etrexs can not (eg. my pocket and glove compartment of my car or under the seat of my car. Is it just a newer patch than the etrex line? It is better than the etrex line, but probably not the new SiRF antennas. It was just very interesting the performace of the etrex and explorist when compared. Some people have told me the antenna performance of the explorist 100 is comparable the the garmin etrex color line. Could someone backup that statement? Thanks for everyones input.
  6. elcud

    Explorist 100

    Problem fixed. I talked to tech support from that weird russian site--They are pretty quick with email. And they helped me with what programs to download. I just downloaded the wrong program that blanked out my screen. All my data was still there after the problem was fixed.
  7. elcud

    Explorist 100

    Whenever I turn my unit on, it just goes to a black black screen and I need to remove the batteries to turn it off. Does anyone know what is wrong?
  8. Where is the marine poi download link? I went to the legend firmware download page and you only can download the firmware there.
  9. found what the numbers mean here
  10. Just back up ALL of you data on the computer before you mess with it. I lost all my geocaches- close to 100, after the thing did a factory reset after freezing up. I had to take the battery out. Good thing I had all of them in the computer to upload again (yeah I bought the cable for the 100). Imagine the horror of putting them all back in by hand. My advice is not to do it. But if you want to play around with it, make sure you can upload all your data back into the unit IF it does a factory reset. I found the easter egg on eBay. from the site: In order that you can use a data cable, you have to enable the com port by doing the following: Press Menu, and then the joystck RIGHT. LEFT, RIGHT LEFT, A service function menu appears, change to 41, press ENTER, and choose NMEA V 2.1 GSA. Once again Press Menu, and then the joystck RIGHT. LEFT, RIGHT LEFT, Change the service function menu to 40, and choose 4800 baud rate. The GPS is now ready to be connected. Enjoy
  11. If you put in 41 the explorist can do NMEA. But have not tried it yet.
  12. oops. posted it in wrong forum.
  13. If you push menu then right left right left. It will show 2 digits. Change the numbers and it will take you to a verity of different options for the gpsr. Anyone know anything about this?
  14. g7towin to download your tracks, waypoints, routes. This is what I use. Free and unlimited on #trackpoints Save the data as .gpx and you can see it on Google Earth
  15. I put in your cords and the results are here in a verity of forms. HERE Enjoy.
  16. elcud

    Explorist 300

    I got the pc cable for the 100-300 and it works great with g7towin and gps utility. But the tracking blows on the explorists. It ony tracks at major direction changes and connects to where you you lost the signal to where you are now=huge spikes in google earth. but the satt. reception is amazing in a open area I can get up to 10 sat with waas! I hid a cache and took the coordinates and when I tried to go to it, I got within 2ft of the cache. LOOK FOR--FORMER IKEA on geocaching. Coordinates were dead on as one cacher put it. It can track in the glove compartment of my car and under the seat of my car=reception in tall brush but I have not yet done any a non urban enviorment. A good choice over the etrex, legend that I have tried-it is old and satt reception can only be done with the unit held flat. But the 210 is a better choice easier and faster to connect to the computer. I dont need all the extras, I have a explorist 100 , and it has gotten me to many caches. The 300 is a good choice if you do a couple of caches a week. If you have the money, upgrade if you are serious about caching. Just my opinion and happy caching.
  17. For Sale Is a used Etrex Legend. Included is: the manual the legend serial pc link serial to usb converter with driver Y cable- car adapter on one end and link to pc and serial link on the other 2 aa batteries $100, $8.00 shipping=$108.00 total shipping is by usps priority mail within USA Private message me for where to send the paypal payment and more details.
  18. Thank you for everyones inquries. Item is no longer availiable for purchase.
  19. Anyone want it as a donation? Just $7.70 to cover shipping. Just contact me. ASAP. I will cover the details on payment and shipping in the private message. This is a outdated unit since it has no official pc link. But a good starter unit for only $7.70.
  20. I just bought a etrex legend off ebay. And the previous owner had loaded Bloomer, WI (East) Topomap, Nov 2005 Is there a way to delete this topomap? I most likely won't be needing this because I live in Calfornia and it is taking up valuable memory space on the gpsr. Please help.
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