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  1. May I ask how you retrieve this information?


    Apologies if it's a regular question.


    Edit: never mind. I should have loked at the FAQ first.

  2. The city of Brisbane itself is 27:30:00S 153:10:00E


    The coordinates you posted are well offashore almost directly east of the city. There's no land formations out there, indeed, there aren't even boating services out that way. Most easterly point of mainland Australia is Bryon Bay, but Brisbane is closest to you points.


    Good luck.

  3. Thank you kindly.


    We noted that the original reference was to buildings and tacks etc, I probably should have reworded my phrasing. I'll take the last part though as Tiff is still smirking this morning about "I don't even need the GPS to find them." :anitongue:

  4. My turn to pester the more informed.


    Whilst out today Tiff literally fell over a benchmark. The benchmark is labelled "California State Lands Commission Benchmark Radio 3 RM2 1959."


    I had a look at their website to see if they have a facility to log, I couldn't even see a way to search for them.


    However, when checking the benchmark through Geocahce I discovered DC1655 in the specified site. Of interest is that DC1655 mentions Radio in the description.


    What I was looking at resembles a benchmark (sorry I can't post the image) it is not as described. Also recorded as being nearby is this reference to DC1654 which I did not find.


    Looking for some guidence here.



    My Australian drivers licence, plasted with my photo and a map of Australia, is due for renewal. My Social security number finally arrived so the time to convert my drivers licence over has arrived. Off to the DMV I go.


    Now before I can apply, I have to substaniate that I am a legal alien. In hand I have my "permission to enter the country" document, along with "permission to remain in the country", and "this man is a legal alien" document.


    Written test - passed OK. NORMALLY if you have another licence from one of the other US States DMV issue you a California licence without taking a driving test. International drivers though MUST Take a test.


    I'm sitting waiting for the testing officer when my name is called up. She asks to see my current licence; the Australian one, which I present to her. She then hands me my NEW California drivers licence, and marks my Australian licence as invalid.


    "WTF are you doing?" I ask, knowing already that there is no authority for them to invalidate my authority to drive in Australia.


    "When you convert your drivers licence, we endorse your old US licence to indicate you have transferred."


    "So why are you marking my internatinal drivers licence?"


    Now are you ready for her response......


    "Isn't Australia one of the US states?" :angry:

  6. Ten-four QDman, we've got a make on the couple. First offense is inappropriate beachwear.


    All units report further sightings to this Forum thread.

    Very nice.


    Thanks for the intro QDMan...and thanks for the photoshop demostration. The original photo of the wife and I was taken up at the Julian Bakery in the snow Dec 2002. Back in Australia we lived close to the beach, not as blue as your photo but nice.


    I'm "new" only arriving in Feb, but Tiff's a local gal of 17 years.

  7. Rats.

    I'm reading this thread and looking at seventhingss description of destroyered and agree. Then I have an air of doubt thrown in by the others.


    Clarification on the following. Two nearby tbenchmarks are listed as radio towers. They're on military ground so they may not necessarily be "viewable" to the public from perimeter fences. Through a contact I arrange to visit the site. Upon arrival I can see that the tower structure itself is no longer present, but the concrete bases still exist.


    To my way of thinking I have "found" that the benchmark has "been destroyed" . When logging I put them as "destroyed" (just found out that doesn't count in my totals) and write a paragraph listing their demise. Condition of entry was "no photographs" so I don't photograph the tower not being there.


    Right? Wrong? Something else? Email this mystery Deb for an umpires decision?

  8. Tiff has been a bit off color lately, so in the afternoon I have started readying after she gets home. Couple of days ago she got home early and I started preparing my backpack.


    Her: Heading out again with "The Other Woman" are we?

    Me: After spending THAT much money of her, of course. :D

  9. From a rookie....


    With less than a handful of finds chalked up I'm trying to avoid using the hint as a means to locating the cache. I do most of my geocaching on a bicycle so it can be anywhere from a 5-20 mile ride just to put me into the area. Usually I'll do the first preliminary check on my own.


    If I can't find the cache, when I come home I decrypt the hint and arrange to go back out another day. I'm still trying to factor in errors for the GPS so I'm using the hint to determine how far off I am. Trying to find a micro in a 60 foot that I'm not even zeroed in on is frustrating for me after what could be a 40 mile bicycle ride.

  10. Felt it in El Cajon. I was actually on these forums at the time and Tiff felt the first shake. Told me to prepare for another one...and she was right.


    Not me quakes in Australia so I still haven't earned my big boy brown earthquake pants. At the time I was watching some motor racing and a commercial was on. The commercial....UPS.


    "What can brown do for you?" :ph34r:

  11. Having recently arriving to live full time in the USA, Tiff and I have taken up geocaching. Where I use to live (Queensland, Australia) we had something like 8 out of the 10 most venomous snakes in the world...and most could be found in the garden!.


    Living in the USA though, I'm outta my league here on what animal/critters to look for/avoid whilst geocaching.


    I ask this cause I was out today and had a medium size (about 6 feet long, 2 inch girth) yellow and black striped snake slither between me and the cache. Being out on my own, no cell phone and no idea what I was looking at....the cache was left.


    I've done a search of the fourms and noted some refernces to turkeys and frogs. Snakes get a few references but I'm not even sure some of these reside in this part of the world.


    Side issue: Tiff reports that she may only geocache urban sites, where the most venemous incident she may come across is a nasty choclate malt.

  12. Pardon my intrusion but this will confuse ya..


    One of us (that would be him) has been an active participant in this for about 4 years. He's listed under the Australian statistics but he still crunches here in San Diego. I think he's up over the 5000 mark.

  13. I was chasing a multi cache in donwtown El Cajon, CA. A couple of prior attempts in this high traffic area had failed so I took the chance late yesterday afternoon. Great - no one around. The hunt is on!


    Third of three caches, quick peek around, no one withing sight, retrieve. Ahhh...now to sit on the nearby park bench and write the log. Head down in the log when from no where, this Muggle walking his dog (a purple poodle no less) comes and sits down beside me. WTF? There are like a dozen benches in the park, why did he pick THIS one? Maybe he's gay? :D Maybe he's another geocacher? :D I stash the cache in my bag and the two of us sit at opposite ends of the bench in silence for a few minutes. Then it starts.


    Him: Nice day isn't it.

    Me: Yup.


    7 minutes of silence.


    Him: Nice bicycle you have there.

    Me: Thank you.


    9 more minutes of silence, finish my Pepsi. Leave it in my bag.


    Him: There use to be more ducks in this pond.

    Me: Uh huh.


    6 more minutes of silence, I walk over and put the empty Pepsi in the trash, return.


    8 minutes of silence, then a fire brigade truck roars past.


    Him: Must be a fire somewhere.


    No response from me. I've been sitting here for over half an hour contemplating what is this guy up to? :D Shouldn't that be a question he should be asking about me geocaching? (sarcasm) The sun is setting and a breeze has started up so I grab a sweater out of my bag. On the breast pocket is a yachting emblem over a silhouette of the map of Australia.


    Him: You're not from around here?

    Me: No sir, I'm Australian.


    Oh geez...it slipped out even before I had time to think about it. Then he starts...Steve irwin, Crocodile Dundee, Fosters, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, I'm mentally praying to any God I can think of to ask Him to move this guy on. 15 minutes later, finally, his wife shows up, he introduces her and they go on their merry way.


    50 minutes it took before I could return the cache back to it's hiding place!


    Moral of the story: Muggles will muggle you, even when they don't recognise they are running "muggle-interference" . :)

  14. This seems like a good thread to introduce ourselves....Greetings from Pioneer 'n' Tiff.


    We're VERY new to the game. Pioneer is an native Queenslander from Australia, who thought that the best place in the world to be...was right beside Tiff. Tiff; a life time resident of San Diego, thought his accent was kinda cute...and agreed to marry him earlier this year.


    Pioneer is an Australian representative at sailing and Tiff loves to knit...but we didn't have a joint interest. Tiff, being the major "toy collector" of the two, thoguht this would be a great adventure and something to take with us as we enjoyed the outdoors either camping or RV-ing. Being the dutiful husband...Pioneer agreed. And thus we have started out ONLY this weekend as we start to geocache across many continents.


    See you on the hunt. :)

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