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  1. I know there is a thread now closed about this.... Soory but three different PC's on three different formats using three different browsers all returned the same error message for me.
  2. LOL. Tiff and I have had a real bad week - my fathers wife is on death's dorr and the Immigration Department are screwing aorund my Travel Permit documentation. But I digress, we had just collected the Tifette's this afternoona nd wondering what sort of costume we would wear tonight. I've decided o wear my rattiest jeans, my black boots, my flanelette long sleeve shirt over my geocaching shirt. What am I going as tonight - a geocacher! Funny, she didn't laugh either.
  3. 9 first to finds 8 maids a-caching 7 Walmart lamp posts, 6 ammo boxes 5 garmin gps's 4 travel bugs 3 french geocoins 2 fishing waders and a micro in a giant pear tree
  4. Abbreviations I use: CFIIMLDOI: Couln't Find It If My Life Depended On It. and my personal favourite, usually nuttered after about a 20 minute search: WTFITC: Where The Freak Is The Cache?
  5. Don't forget becnhmarks too. Though not counted in some scores, some still hunt them.
  6. Do I have to factor in that the Widow Maker in the pair of us.....is actually her? CWMI = 1.00 even. I'm happy with that given the name of the company I keep on the list.
  7. Side issue: is that a Hobie or a Hydra cat in the photo...I can't quite make it out.
  8. I was almost ready to turn into bed Wednesday night when I became aware of a Jeep near me. Dressed in PJ's I went out and got the Jeep. Now I just need to find a new cache big enough to put it in.
  9. I work for a company in the gaming industry, which deals in part with the previously mentioned ARG. Product due for release in 2006, whilst it does not have geocaching "perse", it does utilise the concept (given the history of the game) as the basis for a number of missions with multiple avenues, thereby not restricting the outcome to one finite objective, or forcing the player to take a linear path.
  10. Don't foget that trackers is not limited just to geocaching and money. Bookcrossing.com
  11. We're avid readers, and are in the process of settign up a cache using bookcrossing books. Of course, it is in California, but that's a minor technicality.
  12. Former Australian police officer, 15 years specialised squad. Retired to marry Tiff. Now I just enforce television viewing times...it's not quite the same, but I still get to hear some of the language.
  13. Which airport are you flying into? If CDG, recognise that you will loose anything up to 3 hours just getting in and back out of Paris itself. If you look like arriving during the peak hours, make it 5.
  14. A heart round of applause for Princess Toadstool on a great evening of people, cache, goodies and good times.
  15. Uhhhh. Then don't go after one of the stages of one of Flagman's puzzle cache. These nice ladies were everywhere. Just to clarify....whats ort of spider is that? I ask cause if the red "hour glass" insignia that is on it's belly, were in fact on it's back, it would be one of the most nastiest garden variety spiders were I use to live. Red Back Spider
  16. I generally add an extra 2 hours to anywhere I go now......that's after I spend about another 2 hours at night plannig "a little detour" so I can look for benchmark X or "swing by" cache X. Sometimes the "swing by" is 100 miles out of the way.
  17. If you don;t get a response email me. My daughters are on the northern side of Brisbane, about 30 seconds off the main highway north from the airport to Bli Bli. I may be able to arrange something in unison. Daughter doesn;t know it yet but she's getting a GPS as a present.
  18. Kudos QDMan. Umm....do you happen to have the girls phone number? Not for em mind you.
  19. Off on a tangent: Don't you just love it when you go out on Monday and find 5-5 without raising a sweat? Don't you just hate when you go out on Wednesday and find 1-5 on rating 1 caches? Welcome back to earth.
  20. "Ah ....ah...ahhhh, my love, at last I've found you."
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