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  1. Wife and I have two and so far they haven't missed a beat with the terrain I've covered.


    Having said that, since the latest update my run of DNF's has increased significantly. Noticed there is a new Garmin update today.

  2. Hmmm.

    About 2 weeks ago I received an email alert from Garmin about an upgrade to the Rhina 120. I went to their site and uploaded one of the two that we own.



    In the last two weeks on the Garmin that has been upgraded I have had more recorded and non-recorded DNF's then I have in the past year. Saturday night I went out on a night run that I had done but the girls hadn't, and even knowing where the cache was, my Garmin was out, but the other Garmin wasn't.


    Suggestions and opinions taken from 120 owners.

  3. Flying into my home town Brisbane. Staying with my father on the northern part of the Gold Coast. Wedding on the Sunshine Coast and then inland to Toowoomba to visit a bud.


    Essentially South East Queensland.

  4. Wife and I are returning to my hometown at Thanksgiving for a few of my family matters. Couple of cachers have already contacted us about their bugs hitching a ride. We plan to set up a cache, to be maintained by the family.


    Got a bug that needs a lift over the Pacific?

  5. Just got in from the MTRP Armistace BBQ and Mountain Climb.


    Let me say - awesome job guys.


    Gotta go soak the feet now and wake Tiff up to tell her about the night. Meanwhile, Chuy and the Diehards are still asending on the northern loop.

  6. 3 bucks!!!! :P Are they insane?!?!?! :laughing: How is anyone supposed to be able to go caching at such a high price?!?!?!? :unsure::ph34r::o:lol::P:o:P:lol:


    My Dad reports that....after doing the conversion from metric, that he is paying around about $12 a gallon. But...fuel has been at that height since before I left Queensland.

  7. Each area or jurisdiction has it's own legal system and criminal law applicable to property and ownership. Living in California now I'm not as adept as I was back in Australia where I was involved on a professional basis in the prosecution of offenders for theft. However, a couple of matters that seem to cross all jurisdictions are the following:


    Ownership never changes during the asportation of property.

    Stealing by finding is still stealing.


    Having said that - and having travel bugs in motion myself, do I "relinquish" ownership of the TB because I place it in a cache. Nope - I do however give a tacit consent for the removal and placement of the travel bug to another cache.


    I've not lost any of my own however I would think that purchasing by ebay or other means of property "suspected of being stolen" does not exonerate you from being a party to a criminal offence. Whilst stealing TB or coins is not in the same $$$ league as car theft, if you buy a vehicle without reasonable knowledge that the person has the right to sell it (papers, ID etc) you are just as culpable as if you yourself had stolen the car.

  8. Mid May in Cairns...take at least one one jacket that is somewhat water repellant if your will be away from the Central Business District. If hiking anywhere take two pairs of socks, ticks and other vermin in the area.


    You staying in Cairns itself or venturing out?

  9. Back from Tennesse....and thanks to those who sent emails. Tiff was quite moved.


    Sides issue: what's the average length of time for a cache in SD before the FTF? If you're lucky it's about 5 hours. In Tennesse - it's about 5 days. GCV9G4


    Missed all the storms on the way in, and on the way out.


    Our next trip - planned of course - Australia at Thanksgiving. Daughter #1 has agreed to maintain a cache for us there - might even make it a Stargate.

  10. Flying into Nashville and driving east towards Greenback Tennesse for a family matter. In and out in four days.


    Got a travel bug that needs a west coast experience? Let us know.


    Apologies - can't offer a trip to Australia just yet - we don't head back till Thanksgiving.

  11. First.....the bad news


    Overnight Tiff's father passed away after a short illness this year. He leaves behind a wife and three daughters. We will be flying out to Tennesse Sunday AM. They live on property somewhere south of Nashville and Knoxville.


    Now.....the good news


    Both Tiff's parents were local San Diegans before moving away. Tiff has asked me to set up a cache near the front of her parents property, where the family intends on planting a tree for her father.


    Travel bugs and San Diego geocoins wanting a lift to Tennesse need to be in cache GCQC8C before 2300 Sat night....after I fix the first waypoint this afternoon :D

  12. Brisbane - my home town.

    2 months - long time to be in town. If I may inquire business or pleasure. Reaosn I ask is that the City of Brisbane is one of the largest cities in area in the world. 150m X 120m

  13. PineMountian.jpg


    Tiff and I were in Pine Valley today on a non-geocaching matter before the storm hit. I was in the Sheriff's office when the "recovered" effect were brought in - local officer extended a little professional courtesy and filled me in. It didn't appear (to me) be a geocacher.

    We were cut off on all three roads out of Pine Valley for about 3 hours. The bridge had 2 incidents, one in each direction requiring closure, including a snowplough that got stuck.


    So as we were sitting in Pine Valley on a non-geocaching matter, what was I to do for four hours....Tiff knitted, I rumaged up some plunder for a new cache.


    We drove out all right and I only have a front wheel drive sedan but those with chains got out around lunch.

  14. San Diego California.

    A lot of travel bugs and coins motor through this part of the world - most transplanted from remote area. I assume that geocachers bring them with on business/pleasure to this part of the world.

    Around here, most of the geocachers are sharp and will chase down the distant coins to get a look at them - gotta be quick to find them.

  15. Not wanting to complain about the staff - they do a great job.

    I am a little frustrated at some odd mileages.

    One of my own travel bugs made the leap from California back to my native Australia: mileage =32 miles.


    If ONLY it was that close B)

  16. Misdirection: Bridge View GCR3Q6) - TrailGators OK

    Cattail View (GCQM4K) - LLOTOK

    Above Dishwasher Pond (GCQM4E) - LLOTOK

    Stop On A Path GCQM4G) - LLOTOK

    princess toadstool's Birthday (GCQH9P) Chuy OK

    Not Again (aka the Sandwich Cache) (GCP9V3) - GoBolts!OK

    Kramer's Hole-In-One (GCP4VV) - Team FatmanOK

    Leave A Message (GCNJBT) - TrailGators OK

    Where Do You Call Home? (GCNA2N) - GoBolts! OK

    Time Out (GCN134) - drexotic OK


    Wow, You are all really terrific. I really will miss you :ph34r::lol:


    Still available are:


    Midsummer Night Cache (GCPDTE)

    Instant Cash (GCNWPR)

    Tired of Waiting (GCNJBP) Pioneer 'n' Tiff

    TT's MTRP Nuisance Cache #2: Red Queen Principles

    Duck Blind (GCMAN3)

    TT's MTRP Nuisance Cache #1 (GCM10F)


    We'd like to adopt this one please.

    It was a pleasure meeting you Nancy, you will be missed.

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