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  1. Side issue: Due to family illness, I will be returning to Australia in the first week of August. Local geocachers in my hometown are having a geocaching event that I will be attending. Last time I went home the AU Geocachers were in awe of the geocoins I picked up before leaving - they don't get many, and most of them had never seen a Jeep before.


    Got a coin that needs to travel? Small palm size TB's will be taken also (But not Fattboy's nuts :lol: )


    Those not picked up at the event will be placed in our AU home cache.

  2. Southern California is conducive to biking, and yet at the same time, non conducive due to the number of illegals camping out in the canyons and scrublands.


    I have cleared out the local are on bike but take the bike to various urban and canyon trails, driving to the trailhead and then heading off not for one, but a series. I carry a lock if I get off the trail but generally leave the bike unattended if I have to go into scrubland.

  3. Greetings SF'ers from a SD-er,

    Hey, I didn't go to the new forum - which looks nice, mainly cause it wanted registration....and for my purpose registering at yet another site is not my thing (no offense intended)

    But this thread can suffice.

    I have to be in SF mid Feb for a conference and will be staying near cache GC15XK4.

    Back in my home town in Australia, a few of my geobuds are having an event shortly thereafter and have made a request of me.


    There is a lack of coins in AU and on my last trip home, I took several out with me.

    Side issue: I had one couple drive for 5 days to come to our event just to see a Green Jeep.


    I'm not heading home soon but have a "home cache" which I use as a SoCal portal. If you have a coin or TB needing a lift down under, I'm gonna try and hit the cache around Feb 19.


    One other side issue: my AU cache is not huge so palm size TB's or coins only.


    Many thanks. :unsure:

  4. I got one you're gonna love.


    On Aug 8 my PC crashed whilst I was at the Meet n Greet in Rancho San Diego. A check of the system reveals that the motherboard is fried. Given that it is still under warranty I contact the manufacturer.

    "Oh yes, send it to us and we'll repair it."


    I send it off....ten days later I get a registered letter from them.


    "Because you're PC was built in Australia, we are unable to repair your motherboard here in the USA...so we have shipped it off to our SE Asian office for repair."




    Ten days later it comes back to the USA and I get another letter.


    "Your motherboard was replaced by our SE Asian office but because they upgraded the board, your CPU no longer fits. We are sending the motherboard back, this time accompanied by the CPU so they can integrate the two."




    Ten more days UPS deliver the motherboard and CPU to the house.


    My whine: for 30 days the only geocaching I could do was those chords previously uploaded into the GPS, AND...for the cost of two return trans-Pacific consigments and a UPS delivery...they could have cut their losses and just bought me a new PC. :)

  5. I'm planning on mtn biking through Hollenbeck on Thursday am to grab Gratefuldad's caches. Let me know if you want to join me. Starting at 0830'ish.


    Damm, I swapped my Thursday off for tomorrow (Wed). I gotta get a new job so I can geocache more. :angry:

  6. Need comments -- After all of the comments about questionable caches recently, here is your chance.


    After the CITO on Sunday, a small group (Jodi, Duckit, fisnjack, Thunder-4, jaredloser and me), went out to Whale Poop Isle.


    Whale Poop Isle


    During our search a group came over from the Youth Aquatic Center and told us the rangers don't want anyone on the Island, it's a nesting area for some bird. We found two clutches with eggs and since we only saw ducks, assumed they were duck eggs. We did what all cachers do and continued the search.


    While returning the equipment from the CITO, I talked with the ranger staff at the center. This is what I was told. The island is a nesting site for the California Least Tern, a U.S. federally listed endangered subspecies. Anyone seen on the island is asked to leave by the park rangers, lifeguards, and harbor police. They tell the kids at the camp if they are seen on the island, "they'll shoot them out of their shoes".


    While I didn't specifically mention geocaching, it was evident that they don't want anyone on the Island. They are currently removing the ice plant, which is not native to the area (Tks-Duncan!) to provide a more suitable habitat.


    Since the Least Tern is a small bird, the eggs are small and easily crushed by walking on them. I believe the eggs we saw were ducks eggs, but we could have easily crushed any other clutches in the ice plant. They are also in the process of placing signs, but to the number of agencies involved, it's a slow process, so they are doing what they can by asking people to get off.


    While it would be easy to just archive the cache, it's been around since 9/9/2001 and does have history. Before the owner (Iron Chef, lives out of the area and has been inactive since 10/06) and a reviewer are notified, does anyone have comments/ideas.


    Here are some possible options --

    1) - Just archive it, it's its moved, it will never be the same.

    2) - Move it to Fiesta Island

    3) - Move it to the main land

    4) - Do nothing, cachers should use their own judgement.

    5) - Why not try .............


    I was there today, did a quick swim over. It was quiet and I didn't hear any "crunching" under foot. I also wasn't shot at either. If it's a "sensitive habitat" maybe a reviewer could turn it into a virtual cache requiring photographic evidence of the nesting bird?

  7. Garmin Rhino 120 - our choice of weapon to geocache with.


    This evenign it proved beyond anything I could throw at it (or at anything) that it can take it.


    Was walking around at the top of a cliff before a descent when I stumbled on the level ground aspahlt. (yes I know!) Garmin fell out, hit antenna first, bounced a couple of times before it catapulted over the edge on danced around about a dozen times before coming to rest on it's face.


    Damage report: one nick out of the casing and one scratch on the window. Will test the enduracne of the antenna tomorrow.


    Thanks heaves it doesn't have the bells and whistles, otherwise I may be up for a new unit.

  8. Side issue:


    Apologies for the late notice but my PC is still nothing more than an anchor at the moment.


    Tiff and I will be heading back to Australia departing Wednesday. While there we are hosting a geocoin event this Friday. GCYT4H


    Our home cache is currently down so we're drawing on Tiffette #2's Cache GCRX7C.


    Coins or palm size TB's that need a lift to the Southern hemisphere need to be in GCRX7C by 0000 Wednesday.


    Hopefully by the time we get back we will have passed 500..

  9. Side issue:


    Over the weekend my PC has had a major crash and the tech's initial report is a motherboard failure. With our upcoming trip back to Australia the repair has to be put off, and consequently I have dragged out my stalwart reliable Windows 98 SE to tied me through.


    Problem is - I was using Easy GPS to download waypoints which requires an XP system.


    Some guidance on an appropriate download for Windows 98 so I don't have to manually enter waypoints would be appreciated.

  10. To SD cachers and Dr Boggis,

    Apologies for an early departure today. Aside from having Tiffette#2 with me (underage) I found my citizenship under seige from some drunken wench with a very unhealthy opinion about Australians, after a terrible week back home with 4 losses.

  11. Greetings,

    Looking for assistance from gecachers in Humboldt County CA, approximately 90 minutes drive from the town of Eureka.

    A situation in the family has us searching for a location in your area.

    Bald Hills Road, near where it meets Martin's Ferry Bridge.

    Having some difficulty googling the map so any assistance would be appreciated.

  12. Side issue: Many thanks to zatyko, Chuy and Go Bolts for some advice on our waywark San Diego geocoin. T'was making it's way back to my hometown when it suddenly vanished May this year. Some detective work, a little translation and our coin is back on track with accurate mileage...a little off course in the Czech Republic, but back in circulation.





  13. Recently I found a cache during a night hunt. Had the cache in hand but the problem was, a sudden drop in temperature had the lid clmped on. Unable to "open" the cache and write in the log I still claimed it as a find, then emailed the owner and explained the situation and left the decision up to them.


    The owner was fine with that. Actually he went a did a little maintainence so the lid could be pryed open.

  14. Side issue re Discovered.....


    Had an opportunity recently to "discover" a travel bug which had been dropped into a cache. When I emailed the TB owner to say it wasn't there he clarified that it was a virtual drop and sent me the TB number to record it.


    Thanks but I'll wait to do it my way.


    My way: I cache with younger children so I pick caches that they can "take" something from that has a history. They have their own GC handle and they log the TB's. BUT....I always "discovered" it so I have my way of monitoring that they are moving the TB on.

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