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  1. Hi there overseas! I will be in Birmingham, AL somwhere in March. I was wondering, can somebody help me with a detail map (.imi for explorist) of the UAB region in Birmingham? Let say max 20 MB? Thanks Erka (NL)
  2. Hello there, I am looking for a way to import my tracklogs in Google Maps. Google Earth is no problem. Does anyone know how to ...? Another interesting question: The other way around. Make tracks - routes in Google Maps and upload them to the GPSr. Does anyone know how to ... do that? By the way, I am using a Magellan eXplorist 210 Thanks, Erka (NL)
  3. Thanks, I understand. So, unless you are moving straight to the POI, the VMG is always lower than the actual velocity. Erka
  4. Hello there, I uploaded the new firmware to my eXplorist 210 EU (Netherlands) Can anyone please explane VMG (Velocity made good) to me? I really don't have an idea what that is........ I have to find out what the use of the new screens is. Projection is fine in geocaching! It seems to me that the aquisition of satelite signals is much faster than it used to be, even thru my coated windscreen of my car! Greetz, Erka
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    hi, I wondered, In Belgium there are 2 languages: French and Dutch. Maybe the Belgian forum can be split up in both langages and add the Netherlands to the Dutch half of this forum. www.geocaching.nl Just think about it Regards from N52, E6 Erka
  6. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to upload detail maps, other than from Mapsend? I would like to upload my own (scanned and calibrated) maps. If so, can you explain how? Thanks, Rob
  7. Thanks GintsO, Your English is good enough for me. I am dutch, you know. Rob
  8. I just bought my explorist 210 and I am experimenting with Ozi (shareware) In this version you can calibrate a scanned map on 2 points. Tracks downloaded from the explorist seem to be pretty inaccurate. Wil that be better with more calibration points in the registered version? Rob
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