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  1. hehehe, guess what? now I can say without a doubt that I am totally confused! I do know that the intent is to help me, but I am still so very new to this and the unit that I have, that I can't even get the back track feature to work properly for me yet. I am using this while travelling around the city and I make a route to any given destination that I have to go to on a given day and then I try to find my way back form there by way of track back and only end up frustrating myself each time. I am becoming more familiar with this each time I use it, but I am sure there is something very simple that I'm overlooking. I also want to add something from my last post where I said I could upload any number of maps, well that turns out to be wrong, I can only add one map at a time to my SD card. I can however make the map up to 1 gig in size, but when I try to add two maps I can't do it. I know I must be doing something wrong here also, I'll get it all figured out soon hopefully. I'll try to digest the new info and the link given to try and figure all that out. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  2. Thanks, that's another good suggestion. I'm very new to GPS and especially this one I have. I have had only one other before and that was a used Garmin GPS12XL and I only had that for a very short time and resold it because it was so basic and lacked any of the functions that were suggested to me that I would maybe need, such as track back, for one. So the things like you just suggested don't come as second nature to me yet, but I hope to get a decent knowledge and comfort level with this one by the time my moose hunt is here in the fall. I have three SD cards to be able to take with me, one is a 1 gig, the other two are 32 megs each. Someone also sent me the information to be able to load as much as 1 gig onto my card in as many maps as I want from 1 to however many I figure I might need. The area I plan to hunt in is not near as large as that from even the time I leave my home and return with my moose.... hopefully 1Woodsman
  3. Thanks for the help, I was sort of thinking that way. The name of both the software titles implied to me which might have been better for me, but Direct Route looked so much more advanced that I really needed to ask from those that knew and weren't just guessing at it like I was doing. 1Woodsman
  4. Thanks again for the very helpfull replies, especially to Peter, I was starting to get my courage up and becoming adventurous!! That little bit of valuable information has quelched that sense from welling up any further 1Woodsman
  5. I have a merigold and I have two different kinds of software for it. The first is Mapsend Topo ver. 1.00e, and the second is Direct Route NA ver. 2.00f build 1087. I want to use my merigold on a moose hunt that I have planned for this fall and I wanted to know if there was any clear cut better choice in which one of these I used for this type of applcation? I know that around the city while trying to learn how to use my GPS, I have been using Direct Route, and it seems very good. I just wasn't sure if this is just a personal opinion type of choice or an actual better and second best type of choice. Any input would be greatly appreciated in helping me out with this one. This is a wilderness area that I plan to go into. I do have an experienced partner going with me that knows the area well, but I would really like to be able to depend on myself, especially for the other times when I do go alone just for a little scouting and alone time. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  6. Thanks for the replies. I was hoping that someone had just duplicated the connection that already exists in the mericolour into one of the other ,either gold or platinum models, and would be able to tell me where to put the new connector on my merigold so as to be able to connect my antenna to the new connection that I would have hopefully been able to install. I did take a peep inside and saw that the antenna looks a little delicate. I would have made some trial and error attempts at a connection if it wasn't quite so delicate and could have withstood a bit of adventurous exploring. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  7. I have a merigold and I also have an antenna that has a bnc connection, at least that's what I think this connector is. I was wondering if anybody has been able to connect any type of antenna to the merigold. I don't think this is too far fetched, especially since it comes as standard for the mericolour. I would like to be able to boost the sattelite reception if it's only as simple as a little soldering a connector to my unit to accept an external antenna. Thanks, Ed
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