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  1. Hmm yea, I notice they don't have a compass Lo there I use the etrex 30, and it does have a compass on, and I belive 10 and the 20 also have a compass, hope this helps
  2. Sorry to say, dartmoor does get the same sort of rubbish, before moving back to the midlands, I was working for the southhams council for 6 years, my job was to pick it up, but I say good on all of you that make the effort.
  3. You look like a flat nosed, ugly looking dog. Very good close
  4. At a halloween event, I was talking to some other cachers, and one one said to me and my sometimes caching buddy, that we did not look like cachers, I'm not sure what a cacher looks like, so just for a bit of fun, could you let me know, and I'll see If I come into any of your ideas of what a cacher looks like.
  5. As this is your first time posting pics, and your pics aren't showing, why not take a look here and follow the instructions. Although, I have to say that it's the link and not the HTML that appears to be faulty in your post. lo there can see my pic in competion and others but cant see yours in message
  6. Could some please tell me how you enter a picture in the photo competition please.
  7. Congratulations to those that set up the halloween event at Bugbrook in northamptonshire, and those that attended. HAPPY CACHING TO YOU ALL.
  8. the new garmin 10-- 20-- 30 look ok I'm thinking of upgrading myself, and the price don't seem to bad, go outdoors stock them.
  9. Obscure??? But geocaching is more popular than ever, unfortunately!!! Ladies and gentlemen we have the winner. It's never been the same since all these new unwashed people joined! UNWASHED PEOPLE JOINED ?
  11. Is anyone else having trouble with the new maps? today the new beta map was blank, apart from the tools on the side, then when I go back to the original map, I get green lake in america, not much use to me for local cache's in northampton uk, not too sure about the new upgrade! Thank's Ean.
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