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  1. Looks like a great cache! We are planning to attempt it shortly. I see one of the tools required is a chirp enabled device (our device is not)Does anyone know if the cache can be completed with a device that is not chirp enabled?
  2. I am selling my Garmin eTrex Legend HCx, it is in good condition and works 100%. You can see the full specifications of the unit here. Selling price: R700-00 (maybe negotiable). Contents of box: eTrex unit, USB cable, user guides, trip and waypoint manager CD. I can arrange for collection/delivery in and around Johannesburg, or postage to somewhere else (I will just have to find out the postage costs). Please email me via the Geocaching website if you are interested.
  3. Hi again, does anybody know how to download a free topographic map for use on an etrex?
  4. This was one of the first caches we did, is it Mankwe Dam Nano (GC183Q0)
  5. Ok so I managed to update the maps, it was actually easier than expected I used the OSM/Garmin link from Trevorh7000, all I had to do was select South Africa and they sent me a link for the file download. I just copied this onto the SD card, now I have both the original Garmin maps and the OSM maps on the GPS. There was also the option to install the OSM map to MapSource, which is a bonus because my version of MapSource didn't come with the detailed maps. The OSM wiki page has great info and instuctions. The OSM maps look good, we will have to see how good they are out in the field... Thanks for the help (^.^)
  6. I have noticed recently that the maps on our Garmin Nuvi 200W are out of date (The Garmin gets confused on some new roads and we have been led down roads that don't exist). So I think a map update is in order. I have tried the Garmin online map updates, but when I connect the device I get the message: "Map updates are not applicable to this device". Is there any way to update the maps on the Nuvi 200W? (Preferably for free) Thanks (^.^)
  7. Makiti GC17F5D ?? Correct!
  8. Ok here goes... Where am I?
  9. We haven't found (or completely solved) this cache yet, but we think its near here. Is it Stoddard's Demise?
  10. Something that I came across and may be interesting for the Mega event. An appearance by the O.C.B (Original Can of Beans). This is the last remaining swag item from the first ever geocache, which has now been turned into a trackable. On the page for the trackable, it says that it is available to attend events anywhere in the world, so that it can be discovered. This could be nice to see at the Mega. This is the url of the trackable's page: www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=83154
  11. We would like to join you, what time are you going?
  12. It was going for R200 on Gumtree.
  13. Thanks for the advice, I think I will definitely go for an etrex or a nuvi. Happy Caching (^.^)
  14. I need to buy myself a GPS to help with my geocaching adventures. I have found a second hand Garmin GPSIII Plus for sale. I would like to know if anyone uses (or has used) this model and if it is effective for use in geocaching - in both finding and hiding geocaches. Thanks. (^.^)
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