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  1. Of course, globaly it is absolutely not important bug, I never wrote it. I just described bug in part of forum, that is dedicated for bugs, features etc. As a developer I like when someone can tell me about the bug, that I can solve. [Locally, it is important bug, because like I wrote, it happens always, when some CO makes this mistake in our area.] Ok, if you want to know it. One I found when I stopped at forest, because I have to pee. Near of me was a big old cross (we have them often around village routes), so I checked caches near of me in phone, but nothing was here, even the cross was "cache-attracting". So I searched the close area and yes, cache was there. I waited then more than 6 months for publication. Another one I found because I saw new strange birdhouse in forest, not far from main turistic route. That's all I remember now.
  2. I'm sorry, you are right. I heard about this bug from a friend and I misunderstood it. Now after phone call I know details: this bug was in Recently viewed caches, that shows distance to unpublished caches if you hit some right GC code. Moving of home coordinates and triangulation gives you the result. Of course, it works only with traditionals. Once again sorry.
  3. Prepublication finds are absolutely ok for me, I have few of them also, but none with use of some bug in system and that is what I'm writing here about. There is a bug - coordinates of traditional are visible before publication, when CO insert trackable. Maybe for someone is it a feature, but I call it bug. Years ago there was another bug - you could find final coord. of mystery of multi caches when you moved coordinates on Create new cache page. I hope that you would also be against fix, because it was also available to all :-) Edit: sorry, wrongly described bug. Below is further information.
  4. Come on. I have absolutely nothing against if someone is better runner, better mystery solver etc. and hits ftf before me, but if abuse an oportunity, that anyone else does not have, it is unfair. This oportunity is given by mentioned bug. Publication time is the only right way, when players should know about any cache.
  5. I respect, that in your area it happens very rarely, but in my it happens always if some CO makes this fault and add trackable to unpublished cache. There are higher tens maybe more cases. And how is possible? If you have automated system...
  6. I also disagree. It's rare, but it's happening, and not just to my experience. Discuss the details does not make sense. It is a bug that gives the advantage and should be removed.
  7. Absolutely, that would be great and enough to solve this problem. (Fixed must be Post reviewer note, and also Write Note.) By the way - hiding of name of unpublished caches in url would be also great, because that's very similar bug. I've reported it a years ago, but without any response.
  8. Ok, here is an example: This is a TB that I currently hold: https://coord.info/TB62181 and I've placed it in my unpublished cache (not real, but I hope that someone will be searching there). Download .kml file through View in Google Earth. Almost last line is 14.7291,49.2215,100 that are coordinates of my unp.cache (+/- 200m). With combination of the name of this cache (that is also visible at trackable and in url) it's not hard to look in map and go to exact place. Please do not speculate if anyone is doing it or not because the answer is YES.
  9. Abuse in FTF hunt. Sorry, I forget to mention it. And not TB owner, but anyone can see the coordinates. I'll put an example later today.
  10. When some trackable is placed by cache owner to unpublished cache, so in case of traditional cache are coordinates of this cache visible at trackable before cache is published, and some cachers abuse this...
  11. There is always a chance ... Another option - add cache basic informations to body of notification email - terrain, difficulty, size and coordinates. I (and many others) will be happy with this.
  12. Could you please consider to attach GPX file to the notification email? Off course, nice would be an option in notification settings, so anyone can enable or disable it.
  13. First of all, I would like to say, that I really like it! With some bugfixes and improvements, it will be superb. Here are some comments from me at this time, sorry if something has been mentioned before: I’m missing a tab with Pocket Queries, that I’m using really often. If you do not plan to implement this, it can be replaced with next point. It will be useful, if I can predefine some filters and save them - real life scenarios: “Caches that has not been found in Czechia”, “T5s in country that I have not found” etc. I don’t understand, why filtering is on server-side, if it could be on client-side and will be much more faster, real time. All data are already in clients browser, so it is useless to download them again. I’m not happy with vector maps. It’s slow even if I have rocket machine, and CPU load is high. The data load is on average higher then classic map tiles, so I don’t see improvement in this. I could be a choice, but not a primary map. In filtering, I’m missing a choice “has not been found” in Cache status, and also filtering by favourite point percentage. I think, that at search textbox could be a dropdown with two choices – places / caches. For searching places or for searching caches by name or GC code. Off course, support for diacritics will be welcomed, not only for Czechs, but all German speaking countries and any others. Description, hint, logs etc. in side bar after click on cache is useless. I think, that it is confusing and it doesn’t respect any UX rules. After a while, I must say that this is probably a question of habit. Bugs: dropdown at search box is not disappearing after some actions. owned caches are not marked with a star. I’m looking forward for any improvement. Thanks
  14. Hello, I'm using Blackberry Q10 (OS version After OS update from version 10.3.2 is unable to allow access in any GC app. I tried CacheSense, Locus Pro, Geocaching Live. All of these stops at same point - I click after login to Allow access and get almost a same error in all apps, reporting some network problems. Are there some special requirements or anything for saving auth.token? I mean if it requires some SSL exception etc. Thank you for answer
  15. When I'm editing existing notification it always overwrite the name of notification with "New notification", everything else left correct. To reproduce: - go to notifications; - choose any existing item; - click edit; - former name of not. is now "New notification". Thanks for reply
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