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  1. 48 yo - When caching I use feet/ miles.


    at home I use a mixture - whichever takes my fancy at the time or what I'm working with (if it states metric or not)


    I used to be a draughtsman and drew in metric but was brought up on Imperial, and so I got used to converting back and forth in my head.


    When describing measurement to others I tend to use metric (just like Blue Peter).... except for cachers!!

  2. A couple that I have enjoyed in the area are:


    Last Post (GCGGQR)

    The Hunt for Red October : Part 3 - Wimpole Folly (GCHY7K)


    I've also done the one mentioned by The Klever Boys which needs a little while to walk to from the 'learning shop' if you have time.




    gazooks/Graeme ;)

  3. I became a premium member after a month of geocaching as I felt it was something I was going to enjoy longterm and wanted to contribute.


    I make use of the extra features as I have a PDA and prefer the paperless caching to papered, which is more environmentally freindly and fits with the aims of the sport.


    I get annoyed from time to time with the server problems like everyone else but it does not stop me going out and caching - just logging them..... I just wait a few hours and try again. These guys do it for the good of everyone else so its not fair to complain openly. I work in IT and know the frustrations they go through, you only hear from the users when theres a problem not when its working OK - Big thankyou guys.


    sorry slight rant...... :bad:


    Its down to personal choice - some people dont want to pay because they cannot afford it or feel that they might not stay the course.

  4. I've found several caches where the 'bag' is all but tatters with some pieces littering the local area. In general I tend to pick up the loose bits and wrap up the cache as best I can, as I feel its not my place to dictate to the owners. I would not want the situation where I remove a bag only for the cache to become water logged, but I do strongly disagree with the use of bags.


    Also as earlier logs state that the caches become waterlogged because they are in a bag.


    I have found that some caches in bags are because the container itself is not very watertight or in need of replacement.


    I get my click and click containers from Matalan.


    Ban the bag.

  5. I'm a premium member but I agree with Andy the Rocketeer. The root problem needs to be addressed - if the hardware is creaking then its should be upgraded. I had problems tonight just browsing the search engine for caches in Cyprus. I had to leave it 30 mins before trying again. :D

    Having the problems we are currently experiencing could well put non-members off from joining and Grounspeak lose out on additional funding.


    Buy a shiny new one guys....

  6. I did a cache recently that was listed as an unknown cache where you had to find 5 other caches that had elements of the co-ords in them.


    There was no real puzzle element involved as all you had to do was insert the appropriate numbers.


    Is that not a Multi-cache ??


    happy caching


    Gazooks/Graeme :)

  7. When it initially started I converted a few of my locationless cache finds into waymarks. To date I have had only one log and have no logged any myself.


    Seems to be taking off in the US more than over here.


    I agree that with caching and the occasional trip point there is enough to keep me busy - especially with the number of new caches appearing practically daily - soon be at 10,000 !!


    happy caching


    Gazooks :rolleyes:

  8. I've been caching for 9 months now and as yet I am scratch or dent free. Although I think my tracking is out from a recent pothole (must get that fixed).


    My TOMTOM took me down a 'local' road in Staffs which was 1.5 miles long and potholed all the way. I kept saying to myself " It will turn into tarmac round the next corner"..... it never did.


    happy caching :D



  9. I picked up a Travel Bug from a cache on Sunday and dropped into another the same day.

    Forgot to make a note of the serial number and cannot get hold of the owner at the moment.


    Any Idea where I might be able to find the number.


    The TB in qustion is Jennys Jaunt (TB96F9)




    Gazooks :grin:

  10. I've been caching since June and placed my first cache after 28 finds at the end of July. I felt I wanted to see how others hid theres to give me an idea of the best places to hide a cache. I am now unto 54 finds and have 3 of my own.


    I do agree though that cachers should do the same as suggested on the website and experience finding several caches first.


    On the subject of dodgy co-ords for caches. I did one recently near Derby that practically every finder had reported that the co-ords were off by 150 feet. I used a set of co-ords from the last finder that were spot on. I could not understand why the owner had not chosen to check the co-ords and canged them. To me that meant that they were not taking cache ownership seriously.




    Gazooks <_<

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