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  1. I work near Cambridge and had to go up to Heysham near Morecombe for two days before Christmas (Thu/Fri). One of the bosses there said he had booked me into the hotel for an extra night to allow me to have a look around... being so close to the Lakes. Well as you can imagine I did not look the gift horse in the mouth and did 5 caches. Its a bit hillier up there than around East Anglia.... more of an effort Great day and it allowed me pick up my daughter from Uni for Xmas from Stoke. Sweet !!
  2. I've bumped into Sweepy & Geowife - as I was starting a multicache they had just finished it. I bumped into Webby962 as they had just found their 1st cache. and apparently Peteseaker passed me recently..... --- as to how many others I have past - heaven knows - I don't know what you all look like !!
  3. I had a TB go missing from one of my caches a little while ago. When I visited the cache and looked at the log it had been visited by a 'closet cacher'. The cache is not one that anyone would stumble over and so they had to have got the co-ords from somewhere or someone. !! The TB has still not surfaced and as it was my cache I feel guilty for the owners loss.
  4. Last July I had an idea for a miscro at each of the Cambridge Park & Ride Sites which pointed to a final hidden somewhere near the hub of the system. I applied for permission from the council but was rejected as 7/7 had just occurred and they were worried about strange persons sculking about there sites. They suggested leaving it for 9-12 months and retrying. In March this year I was just about to retry when up popped caches in the Park & Ride sites. Even the cache names were the same as I had intended with a final near the hub..... I was flabbergasted - the only differance was that I was going to use a normal sized cache as the final and this was another micro. The owner got into trouble though because he had not got permission and had to move them. _ but I got 5 x FTF's though before he moved them.
  5. I didn't used to worry about caches I had found until reading the log after mine on a cache that reported the cache trashed. Even though I had carefully re-hidden it (I did report however that the hide was a little exposed), I still felt others reading the log may have thought it was me. Since then I don't add a watch to a cache but look back for a few weeks to check all is OK.
  6. are your boots bovvered ??? an old one but a long shot....
  7. Well, I took Miss butterfly's advise and attempted to 'post' the postcard (in protective ziplok bag) into one of eight caches I did yesterday..... sadly none of them were big enough to fit the card in.... even the so called regular sized ones!! I'll have to try another time - looking for ammobox described caches me thinks...
  8. I completed a FTF on the World Cache - UK and the FTF prize were pre-paid postcards to all my teammates in Germany, Australia, US and Canada. The latter asking for his postcard to be sent by Geomail. I have not dropped it off anywhere yet to try the system but was thinking of starting it off this weekend. Does anyone know if I have to use a Geopost cache or can I just drop it into any cache and treat it like a TB ?
  9. I take it that the 'No food items' rule applies to pet food as well. ? I did a series 8 of new caches recently where the owner (obviously a dog lover) had placed packets of dog treats in most of the caches. A cacher with a dog opened one of the packets and removed a few treats and left the rest. Surely that now puts the cache at risk from the local wildlife.
  10. I am personally against plastic bags for all the mentioned reasons and would love to remove them but.... yesterday I did a series of caches by the same person and all the caches were in plastic bags. Fortunetly they were all brand new caches but I think the main reason that they were in plastic bags was because the containers were not what you would call watertight. A couple of them looked like the sort of containers you get in supermarkets for salad !! So removing the bags would expose the caches to the elements. ... catch22
  11. I wanted something original so ... I always loved the knightly expression Gadzooks as a child and my colleagues at work call me Gazza so I just joined them together. what more can I say .......
  12. My logs depend on my mood at the time and whether I enjoyed the cache or not. It also depends if there is any important info to relay to sucessive cachers.
  13. Have a good break and see you on the flipside..... Thanks from me for all your efforts.
  14. I had a similar problem around Christmas with Google mail but they offered no real explanation but it went away after a week or so. One email arrived a month after it was sent !!
  15. You know you addicted when.... .... you raid every drawer in the house looking for possible swops... .... every car journey is punctuated with " ther a cache over there... there behind that etc. ... the only POI's on your TomTom are caches and trig points .... you search around a remote wood muttering to yourself, in the drizzle for over an hour looking for a plastic box you know is here somewhere...
  16. Last September I did 'The other wedgewood' cache (GCHTNA) in Staffs. As I approached the cache site a guy with his dog asked if I was looking for the cache. When I asked him if he was a cacher, he replied No but his dog found it a month before......
  17. I try and swap at every cache I visit and occasionally a useful item turns up which I keep and use. These are few and far between though. Most of the time its mainly kiddy type items which I just swap and rotate with other caches.
  18. If you download your GPS to mapsource it will tell you in the tab how many waypoints you have. Also I thought the legend could only hold 500 waypoints !
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